9 ways to plan an epic sunrise proposal


Sunrise truly is a wondrous time of the day: everything is fresh and optimistic, with the promise of the day unfolding and the start of something new. It’s therefore a wonderful choice for when you propose, representing the beginning of your life together and all the exciting adventures that lie ahead for the two of you.

If you think that a sunrise is the ideal time for you to pop the question to your partner, read on for our ideas on how to make your sunrise proposal perfect in every way.

Beautiful locations for a sunrise proposal

When planning exactly where to set your sunrise proposal, you need to think about finding clear, unobstructed views in order to get the most from this natural backdrop.

The beach is an obvious choice, as you’ll get a great view of the sun as it rises over the water, as well as the beautiful reflections created by the light over the sea. The other advantage of setting your sunrise proposal at the beach is that it’s more likely to be quiet at this time of day (most people will still be in bed!), so you’ll have some privacy as you go down on one knee.

Hills or mountains are great options, too. There are some mountains around the world that have well-deserved reputations for amazing sunrises, such as Machu Picchu, so you could combine a sunrise proposal with an epic holiday for a truly spectacular proposal. Keeping it local will be just as magical, however, and probably a lot easier when it comes to logistics. You could either plan an early morning hike or camp outside the night before so you’re already on site.

A beautiful field can also work well for proposing at sunrise, especially in summer and especially if there are beautiful plants in it such as lavender or sunflowers. But if you think it’s a little too cold to be outside at sunrise, another great option is to rent a cozy cabin somewhere with windows that look out to the east, so you can have all the drama of the sunrise but be warm and snug inside.

If you’re in a more urban location, think about getting up as high as you can onto a skyscraper or tower. This may need some planning in terms of gaining access that early in the morning, but many famous tall buildings (the Empire State Building in New York, for example ESBNYC offer sunrise tickets to a limited number of people each morning. This is also a great option in colder months, as you could pick somewhere that’s covered over for warmth but that still has an amazing view of the sunrise through the windows or viewing platform.

Getting family and friends involved in your sunrise proposal

One big advantage of proposing so early is that you’ve got the rest of the day to spend celebrating your engagement! You can set up a whole day of fun events for you and your partner, starting with a delicious breakfast.

A sunrise proposal is also great if you want to get family and friends involved in the engagement celebrations. Why not plan a special engagement breakfast immediately afterwards, or meet them for lunch after you’ve had a few hours with just the two of you?

Making the most of proposing at sunrise

You’ll need to plan ahead and consider the weather, as you don’t want clouds or rain obscuring the sun as it rises into the sky! It’s also a good idea to check the exact time of the sunrise, as this magical phase doesn’t last too long and you’ll want to time your proposal to the minute to ensure you maximize this beautiful backdrop. SunCurves is a great site for checking the time of sunrise at any point in the world.

Even in summer it can still be pretty fresh at sunrise, so make sure you and your partner are wearing appropriate clothes – you don’t want any teeth chattering as you pop the question! As the natural setting will be so lovely it’s unlikely you’ll need any props or decorations, but you may want to bring along some champagne and a pair of glasses or, if you think it’s a bit too early for alcohol, some delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The gorgeous light at sunrise is a great opportunity to make some amazing photos, so it would definitely be worth working with a photographer for some truly memorable photos. Similar to sunset, photographers call the hour after sunrise ‘the golden hour’ or ‘the magic hour’, as the light at this time of day is soft and diffused, creating a flattering glow that makes everything look ethereal and magic. To take full advantage of this flattering backdrop, why not schedule a full engagement shoot for immediately after your proposal? To go the extra mile, you could wear clothes in neutral shades to help make the natural colours look even more stunning. You could also organize an engagement shoot for sunset, ending your proposal day with two stunningly beautiful natural wonders.

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