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‘Surprise!’: The 5 best ways to plan a surprise proposal


Proposing to your partner can in itself be a huge surprise (especially if it’s not something you’ve really discussed much), but if you want to up the surprise factor with your proposal, we’ve put together some ideas with a real wow factor. From flash mobs to musical proposals, you’ll find plenty of ways to amaze, astound and astonish your loved one!

1. Going all-out with a flash mob surprise proposal

From those featured in films such as Friends With Benefits to real life flash mobs, a flash mob proposal really is the most surprising way you can propose to your loved one.

So what exactly is a flash mob surprise proposal? A flash mob is where a group of people gather in a public space to do a surprise performance, so a flash mob proposal adds that all-important question onto the end. It’s perfect for people who appreciate exuberant gestures and declarations of love, and for anyone who enjoys an audience!

There are endless ways to get creative with a flash mob surprise proposal, from the song you pick to the theme of the proposal to the location of your flash mob. It would work really well if you’re proposing on a holiday, such as Halloween or Christmas, as you could incorporate elements of the holiday into the flash mob – we’re thinking zombies on Halloween or singing elves on Christmas.

A flash mob proposal is also a great way to get your friends and family involved. They can be part of the flash mob itself if they like the idea of performing, or on the sidelines cheering everybody on. You can also use trained performers for your flash mob surprise proposal if you want to take it to a more professional level.

Planning a surprise flash mob proposal will involve a lot of preparation and enlisting other people’s assistance, but you could always hire a proposal planner to coordinate everything and ensure you can focus on the most important part: actually proposing to your partner!

2. Get an audience with a public surprise proposal

If you like the idea of an extravagant surprise proposal but the thought of a flash mob is not quite the right thing for you, how about crafting an epic proposal in a public place?

It could be somewhere you attend every week, such as a church service. You could pick a special event, such as a sports game (and we’ve got more ideas on that here), theatre show or a music concert.

As with a flash mob proposal, a public surprise proposal does come with the caveat that you need to be super sure of a yes to your question, as you really don’t want to be dealing with rejection in front of hundreds of people. But if you’re sure of the response you’ll get, and you know that the two of you would love the energy of being surrounded by loads of well-wishers, a public surprise proposal could well be the one for you!

You could also take a less visual approach to your public surprise proposal by asking a DJ to read out your question on a radio show that you both regularly listen to. This could be a great way to make a proposal a real surprise but ensure your partner doesn’t have an actual audience in front of them while they’re considering their answer.

3. Hit the high notes with a musical surprise proposal

Everyone loves a good song, so how about incorporating music into your proposal for a truly amazing surprise?

Are you a talented musician? Write and perform a special proposal song, as this is a wonderful way to use your creative talents. But if you’re the kind of person who only ever sings in the shower, there are plenty of professionals who’ll help you create something truly heartfelt and channel your emotions through their voice.

Another amazing type of musical proposal is choreographing a dance to one of your partner’s favourite musical numbers and then proposing at the end. While in a similar vein to the flash mob proposal, this can be on a much smaller scale.

4. Combine a surprise party with a wedding proposal

Throwing a surprise party for someone’s birthday or special occasion is always a delight – but why not make it even more of a surprise by adding in a surprise proposal to your event?

Picture the scene: you’ve already surprised your partner with a perfectly planned party full of their favourite people, food and drink. Then later in the evening, you take it to the next level with a surprise proposal, either in front of the guests or just the two of you for a more intimate moment. And the best thing? Your party automatically turns into an engagement party!

5. Make a vacation even more special with a surprise proposal

Using the occasion of an amazing holiday as the scene for your surprise proposal is a great idea for several reasons. You and your partner will already be in a relaxed, happy mood; you’re away from the stresses and strains of everyday life; and the chances are that you’ll be in a vibrant, exciting place with lots of new things to enjoy. And if the holiday itself was a surprise, then a proposal out of the blue will make it even more astonishing!

We’ve got some great ideas for planning a holiday surprise proposal here. To make it even more of a surprise for your vacation proposal, you could eschew the usual holiday proposal locations of tourist spots and picturesque viewpoints for something more unusual. For example, you could propose en route, on the aeroplane, train or ferry – this way, it’s much more likely to come as a surprise!

A final note on surprise proposals

Of course, while an epic, big proposal can definitely be a surprise, you can also plan a suprise proposal in a quieter, more low-key way that’s sure to be just as much of a surprise. Here at Ready To Ask we’ve got lots more ideas to help you plan this all-important moment, from our top ten most intimate proposals to more quirky ways to propose to your loved one. Happy planning!

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