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Marriage proposal in a cinema


After something more than your run-of-the-mill marriage proposal? You probably can’t get more original than a marriage proposal in a cinema. It’s something you’d see on TV, but it can become your reality too if you’re willing to put the effort in for your partner. So, pull out all the stops, because this is your chance!

Why choose a cinema?

Of all the venues in the world, why choose a cinema to plan your marriage proposal? Read on to find out why.

Super ambience

Cinemas always have a great ambience and are the ideal place for a date.   Maybe it’s where you went on your first date? Do you get a nostalgic vibe when you head to the cinema? If so, how cool would it be to pop the question there?

Other people

There are almost always other people present. So, if you want a big audience during your special moment, we can definitely recommend the cinema. The audience will probably get very excited and start applauding.

Prefer a quiet place without too many people? Then be sure to check out these romantic, intimate proposal ideas.

Marriage proposal ideas at the cinema

Have you taken the plunge, and chosen to plan your marriage proposal at the cinema? But not sure when and how to go about it? If so, you’ll find some fun and original ideas and opportunities below.

Use the intermission to your advantage

The intermission is the perfect time to surprise your loved one. Be sure to discuss with the cinema in question that your proposal clip plays during the intermission of the romantic or action film you’ve gone to see. Your partner will be bamboozled to start with. A clip of you both up on the big screen isn’t what most people would expect to see, after all.  In this clip, you can ask her to marry you, or you can wait until the end of the clip to ask her in person.

You can also choose to make a photo collage. The cinema screen will turn into a “Wall of memories”. Creating a truly memorable experience.

Change the ending of a Disney film

A few years ago, a man surprised his girlfriend with a proposal in his own version of Sleeping Beauty. He clearly didn’t want to make an ordinary marriage proposal in a cosy restaurant or somewhere abroad. So, he pulled out all the stops and got an illustrator to adapt the ending of the animated film Sleeping Beauty. An edited scene was devised, where Sleeping Beauty’s face was changed to the girlfriend’s face, and the prince’s to the man’s face. You can just imagine how blown away she was, making this the perfect opportunity to pop the question in the cinema.   Do you have time on your hands to plan your marriage proposal? If so, this could become your little project as it will take several months to come to fruition.

Hire an auditorium

Want to splash the cash on your marriage proposal? If so, hire an auditorium. This way, you can decorate the space exactly as you like.   With a “marry me” sign that lights up and lots of rose petals strewn on the ground. You could also kickstart this magical moment with a video clip, a photo collage you made or a glass of champagne. Once “yes” has been said, you can move on to the snacks and drinks. Who knows, you might also like to invite your family along. You’ll be able to invite as many friends and family as you like. They could surprise your partner after the marriage proposal by all appearing from behind the cinema seats, or all coming out of the cinema doors together.

Organise a flash mob

What the flash mob will entail, we’ll leave down to your creativity.  But what we do know is that organising one in a cinema is great fun.  Make sure as many friends and family as possible have tickets to the same film, and think of something special you can do. For instance, 1 by 1 releasing a balloon in the air with a letter that makes up: ‘Marry me (name)’. You could perhaps learn a dance routine by heart, and perform it on stage. It’s entirely up to you.

Looking for more flash mob ideas ? Read on!


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