10 Private Proposal Ideas For Romantic, Intimate Moments


Check out our top 10 private proposal ideas, perfect for romantic, intimate marriage proposals. Want to pop the question when it’s just the two of you? We can help, with a range of romantic ideas from low key to luxurious!

Whether your proposal plans are elaborate or simple, popping the question can be a really daunting prospect. For this reason, you might prefer the idea of proposing when it’s just the two of you there, rather than with an audience (either of people you know, or passers by!) These kinds of proposals have a lovely feeling of intimacy, and are still – if not even more – super romantic. Our expertly curated list of private proposal ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to plan it to perfection.

It’s also worth noting that just because it’s a private proposal doesn’t mean it has to be lowkey. Less eyes don’t have to equal less style or less expense, if you don’t want it too – private proposal ideas can still be brought to life luxuriously!

Private Proposal Ideas

Intimate outdoor picnic proposal

The first in our list of private proposal ideas is a romantic picnic. Pack a nice blanket, a few cushions, and fill a hamper with all of your favourite food and drink – top marks if it’s food or drink that has some significance for you as a couple! – before heading to a secluded spot to enjoy it. Said spot could be in a local park, if you don’t mind the idea of strangers seeing you from a distance. Or, why not have it in your backyard? That way you’re 100% alone, making it a truly private moment.

Propose with a video

If you would prefer for the big moment to be just between the two of you, but would still like to get your nearest and dearest involved, a video is the perfect middle ground. Work with your family and friends in advance to create a video that you can then play in private, building up to the big question.

Perhaps they could all share their favourite memory so far of you two together, or do a reading about love. If your friends are born performers, they could even do a skit or a sketch on camera!

Plan a romantic trip away

Maybe you like your holidays to be relaxing, filled with sunbathing and cocktails by the beach. Or maybe you prefer your holidays action packed, hiking to see beautiful views or going on a sightseeing trip. Whatever your vacation style, they’re a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together and reconnect, without all the pressures and chores of everyday life.

And all of this makes a holiday ripe ground for private proposal ideas! For example, whilst your partner – soon to be fiancé(e) – is occupied elsewhere, you could fill your hotel room or apartment with decorations. These could be flowers, both bouquets or petals; candles, photos of your relationship, or bigger focal pieces like giant light-up letters. Alternatively, you could make arrangements to stop off at a particular place on your sightseeing tour, which unbeknownst to your partner you’ve hired out privately to pop the question.

Proposing at home

And of course, you don’t have to be somewhere abroad to plan an epic private proposal. Instead of hiring out a venue, you could maybe set up a space on your building’s rooftop, or on your apartment’s balcony if you have one.

Similarly, instead of decking out your hotel room or apartment with romantic trinkets and decor to die for, why not transform your own living room? Just make sure they’re out when you’re doing it!

Whilst out in nature

Another option could be staying a bit closer to home, and using your local countryside to form the beautiful backdrop of your proposal. Maybe you’ve gone wandering through some luscious woodland, for a long walk around a nearby nature reserve, or maybe you’ve taken the dog to the beach to play in the sea. These can all be the perfect setting to ask the question, with only mother nature and the elements as your witness!

Hot air balloon proposal

This might be our favourite of all our private proposal ideas: a proposal in a hot air balloon. Floating through the air, miles above anyone else, with not only your whole future ahead of you but the whole horizon too – what could be more intimate and special? (Plus…think of that ring selfie!)

Breakfast in bed

Even if you live with others, the chances are that you’ll be alone, just the two of you, when in bed. Make the most of this by proposing with breakfast in bed! Prepare a delicious spread of their favourite breakfast – banana pancakes for me, please – and bring it up on a tray, alongside an engagement ring box.

Propose with a board game

If you enjoy a game night sometimes when it’s date night, why not propose with a board game? You could get a custom board game made just for you two, or, if you’re using a classic game, slip the ring in the box when they’re not looking. If you’re playing a word associated game, like Scrabble, you could even spell out “MARRY ME” in the tiles!

…Or any date night activity

This applies to anything you often do on date night, too. Whatever the activity is, you can make it one to remember by popping the question!

In a gift, just because

As we said above, private absolutely does not have to mean lowkey, but if you would prefer a low key proposal, why not use a gift which you could bring them after work? Pretend you’ve picked up a box of chocolates on the way back, just because, or perhaps a bouquet of flowers, and nestle the ring inside.

More private proposal ideas

We’re constantly posting fresh proposal planning ideas at Ready To Ask, so make sure you’re keeping up to date with our blog. And if any of these private proposal ideas have inspired you, then best of luck – we hope they love it!

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