best ways to propose

The best ways to propose


So, you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question. You’ve researched how to propose: you’ve got their loved one’s blessing, you’ve got the ring, and you know you’re both on the same page. Now it’s time to decide on what’s one of the best ways to propose!

There are so many different ways to propose, whether you want it to be private or public, extravagant or intimate, lowkey or Instagram-worthy (though for what it’s worth: we think every proposal is instagram-worthy.) To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to propose, so that yours can cement its place on the list of best wedding proposals in history:

Best ways to propose if you love the outdoors

Picnic proposal

There’s very little that’s as romantic as a picnic. Maybe it’s because it feels straight out of a mid century novel, but something about picking your spot, spreading out your blanket and settling in feels SO amorous. You can pull out your champagne, your sandwiches, and your strawberries, and then finish it off by whipping out the ring!

Sports game

If you and your partner love watching live sports, then one of the best ways to propose is whilst at a game surrounded by the crowd. When they say yes, the swell of the crowd cheering you on will be electric.

Is your husband-to-be or wife-to-be a huge sports fan? Then you can find some more sports proposal ideas here!


Getting to the summit of a hike is a euphoric feeling anyway, but why not add to that by popping the question? With stunning views, an unparalleled proximity to nature and a feeling of momentous achievement, hikes have all of the ingredients for the best wedding proposals.


Similarly, camping can be a super romantic way to propose. (Just make sure you definitely know where the ring is packed, in amongst everything else you’ve got!)


Be they sun-soaked and covered in white sand or pebbly and with a breeze, a beach proposal will forever be one of the most romantic ways to propose. Sand in your toes and a shiny new ring on your finger – has there ever been a better combination?


Getting engaged is the next exciting stage of your union – so why not emphasise this even more by asking under the stars? Seeing the enormity of the night sky around you can make you feel like the only two people in the world – something which only adds to the romance of the occasion.

Best ways to propose if you’re homebirds

Whilst cooking

Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle whilst they cooked a roast chicken together, and if that doesn’t cement its status as one of the best ways to propose of all time, we don’t know what will! Cooking can be such a lovely collaborative time between the two of you – and it might be the only time you really spend quality time together in a busy working week – so honouring its significance can be the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Interested how Prince Charles and Lady Diana got engaged? Read it here!

On the sofa

If the kitchen makes you feel more rage than romance, why not pop the question on the sofa instead? If you have a favourite series, movie, or a regular TV-watching ritual that you love to do, then it could be the perfect time to ask the question.

Transforming the room whilst they’re out

Just because you want to propose at home doesn’t mean it has to be super low-key; why not take the opportunity whilst your partner’s out to transform the room? Use candles, flower petals and photos of your adventures together to decorate the space; then just listen out for their key in the lock and prepare to see their jaw drop!

Snuggled in bed

If your partner loves to hit the snooze button and loves a lie in, then proposing in bed might be one of the best ways to propose that they could ever imagine. Why not make their favourite breakfast in bed and take it to them, with the ring box on the tray too?

Best ways to propose if you love to explore

At a restaurant, cafe or bar

We know the whole ring-in-the-food cliche has been done to death, but proposing at a restaurant, cafe or bar is still one of the best ways to propose. Whether it’s a special dinner at a luxury restaurant or somewhere you go quite regularly for a treat, it’s a surefire way of giving that venue a special place in your heart!

Just like the artworks, your partner is priceless – so why not propose at an art gallery? Surrounded by centuries if not millennia of incredible talent, creativity and history, take the next steps on your journey together.

Organise a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt proposal featured on our list of best ways to propose with kids , but it’s not just for the young ones. Treasure hunts can make the best wedding proposals because they can incorporate so many special memories, as you visit different places that have played a significant role in your relationship. Why not leave a clue at the site of your first date? Where you had your first kiss? Or even where you met? (When David Burtka proposed to Neil Patrick Harris, they were in a limo on the way to a casino – he instructed the driver to pull over, and proposed on the sidewalk at the exact corner where they’d first met!)

We hope this guide to the best ways to propose has given you some inspiration: but remember, above all, the best way to propose is the one that’s right for you. There’s no point picking something more traditionally romantic off this list if you know it’ll embarrass your partner, or that you’d be so nervous that you might not be able to do it!

Instead, as proposal planners we work with you to personalise your plans to ensure it’s something that they’ll really love. Your relationship isn’t cookie cutter, so your proposal shouldn’t be either!

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