Romantic ways to propose

12 Romantic ways to propose


Even if you don’t quite know what you’re planning yet, one thing is probably clear to you: you want a romantic proposal. Whether you’re proposing after 12 months or 12 years together, whether it’s with a vintage ring or a brand new one, whether you want to do it in public or in private (want to know more about these options? Check out our how to propose guide here), you want to make sure that it feels as romantic as a Hallmark movie. Luckily, there are loads of romantic ways to propose that would have even the hardest of hearts go weak at the knees!

We’ve put together a list of the most romantic ways to propose to give you some inspiration. Whilst you look through, it’s worth thinking: which would your partner enjoy most? Are any of them the kind of thing your partner tears up at in said cheesy movies, for example? Or do any of them involve an activity that you know is a way your partner loves to spend their time? Remember, the most romantic way to propose is ultimately a personal decision and differs between couples.

Here’s some super romantic ways to propose, giving you some inspiration to pop the question:

1. Romantic ways to propose: at sunset

We’re putting it out there: there’s nothing more romantic than a sunset, so there’s no more romantic way to propose than one at sunset! Whilst they’re admiring the awe-inspiring view, you can get down on one knee , so that they’re totally surprised when they turn back around. (Extra points if you can get a photographer to snap the moment, immortalising both the emotion and the beautiful scenery!)

In need of some extra sunset proposal ideas? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

2. A photoshoot proposal

Speaking of photographers: one of our favourite romantic ways to propose is doing it during a couples’ photoshoot. Pretend you’re just looking for some new photos of you as a couple for christmas cards or just because (who needs a reason for nice photos?!), then secretly pop the question whilst you’re posing. You’ll already be in your favourite feelgood outfits, after all!

3. Romantic ways to propose: on holiday

Holidays are a total slice of paradise, where every experience feels new and exciting. Why not make it a trip you’ll definitely never forget by popping the question? Then every time you go back there, it’ll hold memories that are even more special. 

4. In the snow

Lots of lovely knitwear, layers of blankets to snuggle under, boozy hot chocolate, and our love to keep us warm – winter is a romance-lover’s happy place. So why not propose in the snow and seal the deal forever?

5. Romantic ways to propose with your kids

If you or your partner has children, why not include them in your romantic proposal? For example, you could get them to wear tshirts reading “Will you marry [name] for a super cute reveal (for more ideas for proposals with children, we’ve compiled a list here.)

6. Proposals including pets

Or maybe you don’t have children, but you do have fur babies. Depending on how amenable they are, why not tie the ring to their collar, and tell them to go to your partner? Cutest delivery ever, we think!

7. Propose in a photobooth

For decades, photobooths have been a fun way for couples to document their love, as well as showing how it progresses over the years as you progress too. That’s why a photobooths is one of the most romantic ways to propose: pull the ring out on the second flash, so that you get a full strip immortalising the proposal and their reaction!

8. Autumn proposals

We’ve given winter its dues already, but autumn can also be super beautiful and the perfect setting for a romantic proposal idea. The bright orange tones, crisp leaves underfoot and low sun that bathes things in a beautiful light can make a lovely environment to get down on one knee.

Is autumn not your favourite season? Check out romantic ideas for a summer, spring or winter proposal!

9. Romantic proposal ideas at home

If you want a romantic way to propose but can’t think of where to go – who says you need to step any further than your own front door? Your home is where you make so many memories, so it can be a very fitting place to pop the question. Why not decorate the house with petals, flowers, candles, and photos of you, or why not recreate a favourite memory you both have together? You’ll feel transported from your living room in no time.

10. Boat proposals

Being on the water can at the same time be both exhilarating and calming – but either way, you’re going to be looking at some beautiful views. Whether it’s a sailboat on a summer’s day or a kayak down a creek, popping the question on a boat can be one of the most romantic ways to propose; just make sure your partner keeps their balance!

11. Proposing at a fancy restaurant

Cliches are cliches for a reason – because they work! Dropping the ring in the glass of champagne might be overdone, but asking your partner to marry you over a special meal is definitely still a great option. Find a restaurant nearby that’s worthy of such special occasions: low lighting, candlelit tables and sensual food a plus, obviously.

12. Romantic ways to propose: publish your love story

If your partner is a sucker for a good book, why not self-publish a book that tells the story of your love? Wrap it up for your partner, and tell them you’ve bought them a present – then watch their eyes light up as they read the blurb…

Alternatively, Emmy Rossum’s partner Sam Esmail made a replica newspaper section that described their love story, before he asked her for her hand in marriage.

If you liked this list, these are just the start of our romantic proposal ideas. We love thinking of new romantic ways to propose every day – we love it so much, in fact, that we made it into our business! If you’re looking for someone to help you not only come up with a romantic proposal but make it happen too, then we’d love to hear from you. 

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