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How to propose through the seasons: Proposing in summer, fall, winter or spring


Don’t know in which season you want to propose? Each season has its own benefits. Our experts have list some tips to choose the right season for your proposal!

Proposing in all season

Maybe you’ve already decided on when you’re going to propose, and you’re now looking for the perfect proposal idea to fit the time of year. Alternatively, you might not yet have decided when, and are looking for inspiration as to which season you want to propose in the first place. Do you want to propose in summer, fall, winter or spring? Either way, we’ve got romantic suggestions for proposing in all seasons below!

(It’s worth noting that these are written from the seasons as we get them in the Northern Hemisphere, but if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, don’t fear! You’ll still find loads of useful information and inspiration below, you might just find it under the opposite season to where you’d expect…)

When is Proposal Season?

Firstly, we couldn’t put together a guide on proposing in all seasons without giving special mention to Proposal Season itself. “Proposal Season” – sometimes known as engagement season – falls in the winter. More specifically, it can be found in the holiday season, from roughly mid November to late February.

This relatively short span of a few months contains Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day! (Did you know, Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day are the most popular days to propose, in that order?) For that reason, the festive feeling and cheer is infectious at this time of year, with a lot of focus on friendship, family, and what makes life worth living, so proposing in winter is really popular. Which leads nicely on to…

Proposing in winter

Of course, the first thing most people would associate with proposing in winter is snow. There’s something inexplicably magical about it, which in turn means that snow provides so many brilliant opportunities for super cute “They said yes” moments.

If you’re sports enthusiasts or lovers of the outdoors, trips to the slopes can be the perfect setting for a romantic proposal in winter. Alternatively, maybe the thing you like most about skiing is the snuggly chalet vibes. If that’s the case, there are lots of cosy winter proposal ideas that will warm you from the inside out. Furthermore, even if you don’t have snow wherever you’re spending your winters, there’s still something undeniably romantic about it. Think hot chocolates, twinkly lights, mulled drinks, roaring fires and soft knitwear…if this is the kind of thing you were thinking of, you can check out our full list of winter proposal ideas here for more inspiration.

Proposing in fall

Whether you call proposing in fall or in autumn, an October proposal is a total no-brainer (pun intended) if your partner lives for Halloween and loves the spooky season. But that’s not all there is to proposing in fall: there’s so much more that this beautiful season has to offer, so it’s definitely worth serious consideration.

The changing leaves and cooler-but-not-yet-cold temperatures make fall a particularly stunning time of year for popping the question outdoors. Though outdoors is an option for proposing in all seasons, of course, fall is maybe the best time of all: still warm enough to enjoy it, but not too crowded or busy. Perfect!

Of course, there’s also plenty of ways you can propose indoors in the fall – read our list of autumn proposal ideas, both indoors and outdoors, here.

Proposing in spring

The next section of our guide to proposing in all seasons is proposing in spring. Similarly to autumn, spring is an in-between season, but it’s also a beautiful time of year in its own right. It’s famously a time of new beginnings and a celebration of new life, with a totally fresh colour palette.

It’s a season that is synonymous with flowers and everything being in bloom, so why not incorporate this into your spring proposal? Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from Easter, and organise a treasure hunt where the final ‘clue’ is actually you asking the question. For further information on these ideas and loads more too, head to our proposing in spring  ideas page

Proposing in summer

Last, but definitely not least, is proposing in summer. Summer proposal ideas may come a bit easier to you when brainstorming, as the weather doesn’t usually rule as much out as the other seasons might do. However, that doesn’t make them any less special! It also generally coincides with peak wedding season, when love is in the air.

While winter may be the holiday season, summer is the holidaying season. If you’d love to pop the question somewhere really spectacular, why not combine this with a holiday that’s on the cards? This way you’ll get a destination proposal you’ll never forget and the holiday of a lifetime!

Summer’s also an ideal time to propose thanks to golden hour, the time of day when the sun bathes everything in the most beautiful light. If you’re looking to get photographs when you get engaged, this could be the perfect way. Is the idea of proposing in summer something you love? Head to our summer proposal guide here to see all of our best summertime proposal ideas.

Whichever time of year you’re considering for your proposal, we hope this guide to proposing in all seasons was useful to your plans.

Did you find the perfect season? But are you struggling with the ideal moment of the day? Then I suggest you read these 2 articles about sunset proposal and sunrise proposal.

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