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Can’t wait to share the rest of your life with your partner? If so, it’s a good idea to plan your marriage proposal. Perhaps you’d rather not pop the important question in the Grand Canyon or at Disneyland Paris, but instead would prefer something closer to home. Without doubt, Belgium has a number of romantic spots on offer that will amaze your partner.

Why plan your marriage proposal in Belgium?

Many people wonder: why choose Belgium instead of an idyllic, far-flung destination? Trust us, Belgium has more to offer than you think. There are several tranquil, romantic locations that will match your marriage proposal ideas perfectly.  Curious as to which locations we’re talking about? Then be sure to read on!

The best locations in Belgium for your marriage proposal.

In our opinion, these are the ultimate locations in Belgium for a successful marriage proposal:

Bruges: Lovers’ Bridge

Bruges simply has to be included on the list. Did you know that Minnewater is also called the Lake of Love? This lake is surrounded by many beautiful trees and varied greenery. Legend has it that if you kiss your beloved in the middle of Lovers’ Bridge, your love will be eternal. How romantic is that?! So this bridge is the perfect place to ask your partner to marry you.

The Ardennes: Durbuy

Would you like to propose in the smallest town in the world? Then Durbuy is the place to pop the big question. Plan your marriage proposal in the picturesque streets or in a fairytale garden brimming with Buxus (Topiary Park). The options are endless. Our particular favourite is a hot air balloon trip in Durbuy. Can you picture yourself high up in the clouds, making your marriage proposal? Your partner will be literally, and figuratively, on cloud nine.

Limburg: the Mondo Verde Gardens and the Three-Border Region

Were you actually looking to pop the question abroad, but your busy schedule got in the way?  No problem! At Mondo Verde Gardens it’s like being in Italy, Spain, Morocco, etc., just without the travel.  It couldn’t be easier! Or do you want to go a tad farther afield? If so, you could always plan the big moment at the Three-Border Region. This is the point where Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany meet.


If you’d rather a bustling cityscape as the backdrop to your marriage proposal, Antwerp is highly recommended. Antwerp is known for its zoo, the Scheldt River and its busy shopping district. It’s also a very romantic destination. Think wellness, top restaurants, plus an absolute must: a trip to the love wall.

Marriage proposal ideas in Belgium

Photo Shoot

One fun idea is to hire a photographer to take beautiful pictures of the two of you as you walk hand in hand through the ambient streets of Bruges or on Lovers’ Bridge. You will be left with a set of stunning photos, and even perhaps a special moment to cherish. Imagine during one of the shots your partner has to face away from you.  You get down on one knee and open the ring box. At that moment, your beloved turns around to face you and will be completely overwhelmed. And do you know what the best thing is? You will be able to relive this important moment forever by looking at the photos taken at the exact time of the marriage proposal.

Rope your son or daughter in

Your son or daughter could step out from a hidden spot at the end of your special day in e.g. Antwerp, wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘ Will you marry me?’ Or could hand a note to your beloved. For instance, you could hide the engagement ring in a cupcake that your son or daughter hands to your partner. This will definitely make an impact!

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Cupcake with marriage proposal

Tip for your marriage proposal in Belgium

Check the forecast

The time has finally come! You’ve picked the most romantic spot in Belgium. Your beloved looks beautiful and everything is going according to plan. Until the moment it starts to rain….that wasn’t planned, of course. If you don’t check the forecast in advance, the greater the chance of your special day coming apart at the seams. This is especially true for planned marriage proposals in Belgium as the weather is a little more changeable there. So make sure you don’t forget to check.

Can you picture it, your marriage proposal in beautiful Bruges or dazzling Durbuy? Don’t hang about; go for it!

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