Marriage proposal Greece

Marriage proposal in Greece, that’s enjoyment!


Going on vacation is great! Everyone is less hurried, more relaxed and happier. You enjoy the glorious weather, beautiful scenery, exotic food, the local atmosphere … in short: your good mood automatically makes you more likely to say ‘yes’ to certain proposals. Maybe even to the ultimate question? So what could be more ideal than asking your beloved to marry you on vacation? And forget the cliché hotspots like Paris, Bruges and Ibiza. How about a marriage proposal in Greece? This Mediterranean attraction is home to plenty of known and lesser-known gems to win your lover’s heart.

Why a marriage proposal in Greece?

Picturesque islands

In Greece, you’ll find plenty of idyllic islands with snow-white houses, cute blue domes, sky-blue seas and picturesque, authentic churches. It’s like a dream setting for your loved one to say “yes” when you ask him or her to marry you.

Mediterranean atmosphere

Besides its many sights, museums and rich cultural background, Greece has that typical Mediterranean atmosphere you expect when you travel. The sun, the sea, the delicious food, the welcoming atmosphere … Greece has many assets to make you feel right at home. And in such a relaxed atmosphere, there is always more room for romance, and to take your relationship to the next level.

Romantic spots

Greece is bursting with romantic spots and Instagram-worthy settings. We’ll leave the historical and cultural capital of Athens for what it is and take you below to the most picturesque islands in Greece. Discover Santorini, Rhodes, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. And believe us: your partner will have an incredibly hard time not saying a resounding “yes” when you ask him or her to marry you there!

Idyllic spots for your marriage proposal


Who does not know the famous pictures with the snow-white houses and blue domed roofs of Santorini? This little island, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, is a super romantic place that is very popular because of its stunning sunsets. Therefore, this setting is perfect to make your marriage proposal. Just keep in mind that Santorini is a real hot spot during the summer months. Plan your visit to this magical spot outside the high season to avoid the prying eyes of the crowds. In any case, check the peak hours of certain tourist attractions when planning your itinerary. That way, you can avoid being overwhelmed when you arrive at your destination in Greece. And you can ensure your marriage proposal goes smoothly.


Rhodes is truly the place to be in Greece to make your marriage proposal. It is the largest island of the Dodecanese, the Greek archipelago in the Aegean Sea that includes 12 islands. The ultimate romantic picture for your marriage proposal in Greece is the picturesque Lindos.


Zakynthos is known as a party island. It belongs to the Ionian Islands and you will find rocky bays and beautiful sandy beaches. With the rushing crystal blue sea as a backdrop, chances are pretty good that your loved one will say a wholehearted “yes” when you ask her or him to marry you there.


Perhaps you have never heard of Kefalonia. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth considering doing your marriage proposal here. Kefalonia literally means “pearl of the Ionian Islands” and is truly a hidden treasure in Greece. Enjoy the chalk cliffs, the sky blue sea, get out your engagement ring and then ask your beloved the question …

How do you prepare for a marriage proposal in Greece?

Proposal planner

Proposing marriage abroad is not something you do every day. You can of course randomly pull out the ring box on a beach and ask the question. That is immediately very spontaneous and will certainly be appreciated. But if you want it to be just a little bit more special, for example, do you want to involve other people to make it more grand, or involve a restaurant or hotel, or a photographer? Then this all requires some preparation. A proposal planner or marriage proposal planner can help you with this. He or she can also take care of dressing up the setting, for example. Do you want to get down on one knee on a romantic beach? Then the planner can provide flowers, candles or even a red carpet! After all, you want to make the moment as special as possible and make your partner feel in seventh heaven.

Are you convinced to do your marriage proposal in Greece? Then go find the most beautiful engagement ring you can find and book a ticket. Let your adventure together begin soon!

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