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Marriage proposal cartoon: for fans of dry humour


Have you found the one? That person who makes you laugh, your best friend, your soulmate? Then maybe it’s time to take your relationship to the next level and ask him or her to marry you! Do you like to play around and laugh together? Then go for a less obvious proposal like a cartoon.

Why propose marriage with a cartoon?

Are you not a fan of cliché wedding proposals in romantic locations, the famous kneeling and the reveal of the ring box? Then you can go for something more creative, less traditional, such as a cartoon. You can simply surprise your loved one with it when you spend a cosy evening together in front of the TV, during breakfast or on a romantic walk. Take out the cartoon and ask what he or she thinks of it. Your loved one will be amazed and will appreciate the gesture. And even though the cartoon speaks for itself, there is no harm in asking him or her the question again.

How do I make a cartoon?

Are you artistically inclined? Then simply draw it yourself. This is the most personal thing you can do. The advantage of this is that you can fully customise the cartoon based on how you look, your personal characteristics or your favourite clothes. You really can’t draw but you want a custom-made cartoon? Contact a cartoonist and give him or her a few photos of you and your partner. Based on those photos, a very personal cartoon of you and your partner can be created for a successful marriage proposal. Another – more budget-friendly – option is to look for a nice marriage proposal cartoon online. You are bound to find a nice one. The disadvantage is that it is not personalised or customised. However, if your partner has a good sense of humour, he or she will appreciate it and answer wholeheartedly  ‘yes’.

If you happen to be a cartoonist yourself, it would be great to have your marriage proposal cartoon published in the newspaper or magazine for which you make cartoons. Ask your loved one to flip to the page in question. Or post the cartoon on your Instagram page. This way you can surprise your partner in a very unexpected way!

In what ways can I propose marriage with the help of a cartoon?


Have not one but several cartoons made for your marriage proposal. You can then turn these cartoons into a folioscope or flipbook. The cartoons depict a whole story and seem to move when you flip through the book very quickly. It is a humorous way to ask your partner to marry you. And besides, you have a nice souvenir that you can keep forever.

Comic book

As an alternative to a flip book, you can also use your cartoon in a comic strip. Of course you do not have to make a 40 page story but why not a one page comic strip? This is for example a possibility if you can draw your cartoon yourself or use a professional cartoonist. It is – just like a flip book – a great souvenir for later or to show to friends and family.

Say it with a letter

Another great way to surprise your loved one with a marriage proposal cartoon is to send the cartoon by post. Address the letter to your partner, of course, and make sure that you are home on the day the envelope arrives. He or she will not know what hit them when they open the envelope! Then complete your proposal by popping the question personally.

At restaurant

Even if you are the couple who prefers dry humour to romantic clichés, a marriage proposal at a restaurant can be a fun way to pop the question through a cartoon. Ask the waiter in advance if he or she would like to put the cartoon in the bill folder. Ask your partner to take the bill out of the folder and wait for the reaction. As soon as you hear ‘yes’, you can have the waiter bring you champagne. That way, you combine playful with romantic and festive. And you start the next step in your relationship with a bang!

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