Om je te helpen met het plannen van een luxe aanzoek hebben we de meest extravagante huwelijksaanzoeken voor jou verzameld. Bekijk ze hier. - Ready To Ask
Verliefd koppel met achtergrond van bergen

How to plan a luxury proposal?


Asking the love of your life whether they’re willing to spend the rest of their days with you is likely to be daunting enough as it is, and that’s before even starting to think of extravagant proposal ideas. To help you begin the process of planning a luxury proposal, we’ve brainstormed a collection of the most extravagant wedding proposals that could make the dreams of any bride (or groom!) to be come true. 

Types of extravagant wedding proposals

Taste true love

A winery proposal is the perfect way to toast the start of your luxury engagement. You could go wine tasting or take a tour of a classic sun-drenched vineyard in a French or Italian location, before stopping for an idyllic picnic for two.

Disney Dreams

For an engagement like the movies, a horse proposal is as romantic as it gets. A classic horse and carriage will make them feel like a princess or prince, and if you’re considering proposing without a ring, you could even present a Cinderella slipper.

The sky is the limit

For a love that has no limit, consider a helicopter proposal or asking onboard an airplane to your favourite destination. Maldives seaplanes are particularly special, or you could even arrange some sky writing. In this case planning has to be meticulous – you wouldn’t want to miss the big moment!

Make waves

There’s nothing like being out at sea with your love to put your relationship into perspective. All you have is each other, the fresh air and the gorgeous breeze, which makes for a beautiful setting for your luxury proposal. What’s more, a boat proposal can symbolise the start of your blissful new journey together.

Keep it cultured

If as a couple you like to attend lots of cultural events together, whether that be the theatre or art shows, you can incorporate these interests into your extravagant proposal ideas. Why not make a luxury proposal map that takes them around their favourite museum, or surprise them by getting down on one knee as they admire their favourite painting?

Enjoy the view

One thing the most extravagant proposal ideas have in common is consideration for the backdrop. Fortunately, nature serves up arguably the best in the form of a blazing sunset or sunrise, best enjoyed from a hotel rooftop, exotic treehouse or at the end of an endorphin-filled hike. Not to mention some of the world’s finest restaurants also boast breathtaking views.

Ready, set, adventure

One way to get their heart beating fast is to turn your luxury proposal into an action-packed memory of a lifetime. Whether while skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, onboard a jet ski or paragliding through the mountains, it’s sure to be a memorable story to tell the grandchildren one day!

The more the merrier

Many couples choose to combine their exclusive engagement with a party for all their friends and family soon after. This is a wonderful way to share or simply celebrate your news, while still keeping the moment itself private.

First date flutters

At the end of the day, any spot can be made romantic. By enlisting the help of a florist or laying out dozens of candles, you can give a whole new meaning to the place you had your first date or first said I love you. If it happened to be at a restaurant you could book out the entire place for yourself, call in musicians and truly make it your own.

Preparation is key

Ultimately, extravagant wedding proposals depend on knowing your other half well enough to know which type of luxury proposal they would be most suited to. If they are shy and introverted, they might appreciate more of an exclusive engagement involving just the two of you, rather than in front of a restaurant full of people. Similarly, if they are adventure spirited, a sit-down picnic might feel a little out of character.

For this reason, when it comes to planning extravagant proposal ideas, we recommend listening out for clues well in advance of your luxury proposal. Has your partner ever mentioned what their dream proposal would be? How do they react to the extravagant wedding proposals of others? By having an indication of what they consider to be tacky or romantic, you can avoid any awkwardness and make sure it’s a gesture they’ll not only treasure, but revel in sharing with family and friends.

Similarly, to prevent any element of pressure on the day, it’s a wise idea to have had some conversations about what your future looks like together. This could be a great, casual way to encourage your partner to open up about what type of luxury engagement they have always envisioned.

Photographing your luxury proposal

It may be worth considering hiring a luxury proposal photographer or videographer for your extravagant proposal ideas. If you speak to anyone who has recently experienced an exclusive engagement, with no one around to capture the memory, they’re likely to say they wish they could relive it or even watch the moment back.

With a luxury engagement photographer or videographer, you can either have a tangible keepsake to treasure yourself, or a precious file to upload to your social media platforms to share with friends, family, or even the world. The most extravagant wedding proposals also have the potential to go viral, which may or may not be your goal!

Seek help from a luxury proposal expert

Finally, remember you never have to take on planning a luxury engagement alone. An expert in extravagant proposal ideas can help turn your vision into a reality, while taking away the stress involved. From keeping an eye on the weather to contingency plans, when preparing for big, it’s best to have a specialist on your side.

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