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Everything you need to know about marriage proposal gifts


What are proposal gifts, when should you buy them and what should you choose for your partner? Our experts are here to explain it all. Read more here!

What to buy as a gift to go with your proposal?

You’ve decided to pop the big question. But now you have to decide how you want to do it! There’s so much information and advice out there about engagements and proposals that sometimes it can be completely overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to give you a summary of everything you need to know about proposal gifts. It doesn’t matter if you’re wondering what to give as a gift at your wedding proposal, oif you’ve decided to start looking into it and don’t know what to buy, or whether you even need one at all,w e have the answers you’re looking for.

What are proposal gifts?

Proposal gifts are exactly what they sound life: they’re gifts you give as part of your proposal. They are usually used to complement an engagement ring, although some people use them instead of an engagement ring, if your partner doesn’t like rings or prefers to not wear one. Another possibility is when your partner would like to pick out an engagement ring themselves, but you want your proposal to be a surprise. In this case, a proposal gift can also be a great way to retain that symbolism. Essentially, it’s a special gift to commemorate that special moment – it’s as simple as that.

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Do you have to have a proposal gift?

The short answer is no! As with anything related to planning a proposal, proposal gifts are 100% a matter of choice. If it fits into your plan, and you’d like to do it, then that’s great! If it doesn’t however, then you don’t have to.

How to choose a proposal gift

Some wedding proposal plans already incorporate the perfect opportunity for a proposal gift; for example, if you’re planning a winter proposal and want to pop the question while decorating the Christmas tree together, a personalized Christmas bauble is a wonderful memento of that special moment. Or perhaps you’re planning to propose in an art gallery, where you’ve had a portrait of the two of you hung; this portrait would make a wonderful proposal gift that can be proudly displayed in your home forever.

If your proposal plans don’t include an obvious gift idea but you’d still like to give one, here are a couple of things to consider. First and foremost, like the proposal itself, the gift has to be something special, something extraordinary rather than mundane, and, like the engagement itself, it should be something long-lasting that you can keep and enjoy for many years to come.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for proposal gifts for your partner (and,  hopefully, soon-to-be fiancé!)

Proposal gifts for her

If your partner loves flowers, why not give her some long-life flowers as a proposal gift? Preserved flowers are an excellent way to buy a bouquet that will last forever; or, alternatively, you can buy a beautifully crafted origami rose to display in your home.

There are also many sentimental proposal gifts that are easy to find but will make a real impact. For example, if you’re proposing via a treasure hunt or with a special scratch card/map, why not create a special box or chest to hold the clues or cards? You can then put it on display for everyone to see when they come over to celebrate with you!

Proposal gifts for him

If your partner is a coffee fan, or can’t go an hour without a fresh cup of tea, why not give him a personalised mug as a proposal gift? Hide a secret message at the bottom of the mug so when he gets to his last sip, he’ll see it and smile.

Another option is to incorporate a proposal gift for him into your partner’s work outfit or uniform. If he wears a suit to work, there are many fun ways you can give it a heart-warming addition. Engraved cufflinks can add a subtle sentimental note to a suit, or you can have a special tag made to have sewn into the cuff of his sleeve or the back of his tie so you can subtly pop him the question. That way, every time he wears it after that, the question (and you) will be on his mind.

Luxury proposal gifts

There is also a multitude of ideas for luxury proposal gifts for when you want to go all out. Of course, other pieces of jewellery can also make wonderful proposal, such as expensive necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Or why not celebrate with a bottle of vintage champagne? You can drink it on the day itself, or save it for a special occasion in the future: either way, even when the champagne is finished, you can keep the bottle as a unique memento.

Alternatively, you might want to gift your partner with something hand-made by an expert artisan. For example, if you decide to propose outside and you stay outside to gaze up at the stars, a beautiful cashmere blanket with personalised embroidery can be the perfect heirloom to cherish forever.

Believe me! When we talk about luxury proposal gifts, the only limit is your imagination (and budget!). If there is something you have been waiting for a special occasion to do, this is a great opportunity to make it happen!

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