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Engagement is a big milestone in a couple’s relationship, on which relatives and friends send their congratulations. But how should you congratulate someone on an engagement and what words are appropriate? Find out from the Ready to Ask engagement experts.

Who congratulates on an engagement?

Usually, congratulations on the engagement are expressed by family members, relatives and friends. From anyone who is personally close to the couple in any way. In addition, it is good manners to congratulate the couple when you receive an engagement card or other official notification of the engagement, regardless of the degree of kinship or relationship to the newly engaged.

If an engagement celebration or engagement party takes place, you have the chance to congratulate them directly personally.

When to deliver congratulations on the engagement?

Similar to birthdays, it is considered a faux pas to congratulate in advance. Congratulations always come after the engagement. What counts as an engagement is not the celebration of the engagement, but the actual marriage proposal. So, if an engagement party is scheduled after a few days or weeks, you can congratulate right after the proposal and before the party.

You forgot about the engagement? Delayed congratulations, combined with a brief apology, is always better than no congratulations at all.

What is the way to congratulate on the engagement?

As a rule of thumb, choose the same route for congratulations that the couple used to announce their engagement. If you have received a card, it is a good idea to respond in writing as well. Did the engaged couple tell you the happy news via WhatsApp? Then you are welcome to reply via Messenger. Of course, when you call or talk to them in person, you can directly express your congratulations.

This rule is not set in stone, you may choose the way for your congratulations that seems appropriate. If you receive a lovingly designed card, it is better to put some effort into it as well and not take the easiest route of replying to it with an electronic short message.

What are the ideas for congratulations on the engagement?

When congratulating on an engagement, you don’t have to write a novel, commonly used phrases that are great for congratulations include.

路 Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you only the best for your future together.

路 We would like to congratulate you on your engagement and wish you all the best for the future.

路 We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts on your engagement and wish you a wonderful future.

路 Congratulations on your engagement, we wish you a wonderful future.

路 All the best wishes on your engagement and for your future.

路 Congratulations on your next stage of life together.

路 We wish you all the best and lots of sunshine for your future together. Congratulations on your engagement.

Of course, these short congratulatory formulas can be modified and expanded as desired.

For cards, somewhat longer texts, such as small poems, are also a nice idea. Specific to engagement, there are few poems, but any poem that expresses the meaning of love and a commitment is suitable here.

By Friedrich Morgenroth:

Engagement – a wonderful time
full of love and togetherness!
Good luck to it that everyone finds,
what faithfully binds them together!

By August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben:

O happy who found a heart,
That thinks and ponders only in love
And faithfully connected with love
Their better life is just beginning!
Where loving two hearts becomes one,
To be only one in joy and sorrow,
There must shine the sun of heaven
And smile cheerfully every time.
Love, only love is life:
Can you dedicate your heart to love,
So God has given you enough,
Hail! The whole world is yours!

Unknown author:

An engagement is quite clear,
love is now revealed.
Let it be a promise,
that testifies, “You are mine and I am yours!”

No matter what kind of engagement congratulations you choose, the most important thing is that the words come from the heart and express your congratulations. For a very humorous couple, funny sayings are an alternative, but one that should be chosen wisely. A misunderstood joke can lead to unwanted upsets; not everyone has the same sense of humor. If you do not know the newly engaged quite well, innocuous congratulations are the safest route, with which any couple will be happy.

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