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Dressed to impress: picking the perfect proposal outfit


If you’re the kind of person who wants to plan every detail of your proposal, then there may well be one element you haven’t yet considered: what to wear. Sometimes the decisions around where and when for your proposal are so dominating that smaller details can get overlooked, but what you – and what your partner – wear is an important aspect, especially if you’re documenting it with professional photos. Read on for the nine things you may want to consider when choosing your proposal wardrobe.

1. Location, location, location

The location of your proposal is going to have a massive impact on your proposal outfit. Think about the background – if you’re in a town full of pastel-coloured houses, co-ordinating your outfit to these shades would look better than turning up wearing bright red and purple. An urban backdrop full of colourful graffiti? Outfits in black and white will look great against this. Consider also the type of place where you’re proposing. A beach proposal, for example, would suit a more casual outfit than a proposal in a swanky city restaurant.

2. The time of day

The timing of the proposal can also have an influence on the outfit you choose. Thinking of proposing at sunset or sunrise? Choose light-coloured clothes to provide a neutral background so the sky’s colours can really pop! Want to propose at night? You can go all-out with formal gowns and suits if that’s the kind of clothes you enjoy wearing – see point eight.

3. Consider co-ordination

We’re not talking about being completely matchy-matchy (that’s pretty cheesy), but if you can pick out what your partner is going to wear for your proposal, it could look great if the two of you were colour co-ordinated. Choose one or two complementary base colours, such as blue and green or red and orange, and make sure that both of your outfits are in these hues.

4. Look good, but be practical

If you are picking your partner’s outfit for him or her, do consider practical elements. For example, shoe choice – while you think high heels would look amazing on her, she may not appreciate this if you’re proposing on the beach or anywhere with an uneven surface! Or if she’s not a heel wearer at all, then this type of shoe will just make her feel uncomfortable. It can be very romantic to buy or pick out a special outfit for your partner to wear, but do think about their needs as well as the aesthetics.

5. Check the forecast

Also be practical in terms of the weather. You don’t want to be freezing in your favourite outfit, or pick something that makes your partner shiver and not be able to concentrate on what you’re asking them! Winter proposals are a great way to bring in cute accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats – see point seven for some more tips on matching your accessories.

6. Bring in the professionals

Although it may elicit suspicion, you could always plan in a hair and make up session for your partner into your proposal. If you want to keep your intentions a secret, you could always say you’ve planned a couple’s photography session, and this is part of the deal. Making sure your partner is looking and feeling their absolute best on what will turn out to be such a special day is a lovely way to make the experience even more magical.

7. Co-ordinate with the ring

Think about the ring you’re using in your proposal. Have you chosen a ring with a coloured stone? Wear the same colour for a subtle connection, or select an accessory for your partner that picks up on the colour, such as shoes or a scarf.

8. Go glam

If you and your partner are the kind of people who absolutely love getting dressed up for special occasions, we can’t think of a better occasion than a proposal to bring out your best clothes! After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not wear the tuxedo and the ballgowns? This type of outfit would look especially great if you’re proposing in a chic urban location, but could look equally cool in a more natural setting – and made for some amazing photos!

9. Sort out the logistics

Worried about how you’ll get your partner to wear an outfit you’ve picked out? There are a few ways you can get around this. Buy them an outfit as a present and ask them to wear it to dinner, which then turns into your proposal. As mentioned above, you can say you’ve planned a couple’s photoshoot as a special gift and you’ve bought them an outfit for that. Or simply say that you absolutely love that particular outfit on them and you’d love them to wear it that day. You could also pick a time for your proposal that you know your partner will already be dressed up for, such as a birthday, anniversary dinner or Christmas event.

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