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A marriage proposal in a car


Opinion is rarely more divided than over the subject of cars. For some, a car is merely a practical and functional object that serves as a means of transportation; for others it is a lovingly cherished status symbol to be lavished with care and attention. It has even been uncharitably suggested that some men would rather part with their wife than with their car. But according to surveys, an incredible 77% of women over the age of 30 in Germany also say that driving skills are a criterion that makes men attractive.

What kind of person would a car marriage proposal suit?

No matter how much you personally love cars or your vehicle, a prerequisite for a marriage proposal in a car is that you and your partner share an affinity for automobiles or motor sports. After all, a marriage proposal is about impressing your partner not yourself. Besides, there are clearly more comfortable and romantic places for a proposal, especially since the classic moment when you get down on bended knee is impossible inside the car itself, and at best is going take place in front of the car.

Which car for the proposal?

Unsurprisingly, the easiest and most practical option is your own car. The big advantage is that the other person will not suspect anything if you plan the marriage proposal in your own car. After all, you regularly use this vehicle, so even if the engagement excursion takes you to an unusual destination, there is nothing to suggest the big moment is coming.

However, depending on its size, age and state of repair, your car may not be the first choice as the setting for your engagement. This is where car rentals offer a variety of attractive options. You might like a genuine classic car for a romantic country trip, perhaps followed by a picnic in the great outdoors. Or what about a convertible for a marriage proposal under the stars overlooking the city lights or at sunset by a romantic lake? Or maybe a chauffeur-driven limousine where you are not at the wheel and can relax with a glass of champagne to prepare for the surprise proposal? There are many beautiful options for a really special marriage proposal in a car.

The competition for the most unusual option is clearly won by this car boot decoration, although we are not sure whether it is a good or bad sign that it has been out of stock for quite a while. Recommended as inspiration only for brave individuals with a good sense of humour, a car boot marriage proposal is not just a gimmick.

What about the location for a marriage proposal in the car?

A motorway service station, petrol station or a red light are clearly not appropriate venues for popping the ultimate question and presenting the engagement ring. Take advantage of the mobility that a car offers you to go to a beautiful location. A hill overlooking the countryside, the mountains or the sea, a dirt road by a field full of corn poppies or, in keeping with the retro trend, one of the few drive-in cinemas that still exist.

Whichever idea appeals to you, for a mishap-free marriage proposal in the car, the same rule applies as elsewhere when driving: Safety First. Do not park your vehicle after dark in a remote location that you cannot keep an eye on. Proposing marriage while driving is not the best idea even for excellent drivers because you will inevitably be distracted from the road.

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