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A marriage proposal at Easter


Easter is also celebrated in many different ways. Many attend a church service on Good Friday or Easter Sunday and commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For children in particular, the Easter Bunny, painting hard-boiled eggs and, last but not least, the Easter egg hunt are the top priorities. Whether you are religious or do not belong to any denomination, Easter is an interesting time for a marriage proposal, offering many possibilities.

Easter falls in the springtime, between late March and mid-April, the classic time of spring awakening. The temperatures at this time of year are already higher, the first flowers begin to sprout and bloom on the meadows and in gardens, as nature awakens from its winter sleep. The days are getting longer, the sun is already noticeably warming. This new season is a beautiful symbol of the next step you want to take in your relationship.

In most countries, Good Friday is a holiday, as is the Monday after Easter Sunday. A relaxing getaway from the daily grind of work; perfect for a marriage proposal. It’s also ideal for couples who are not yet engaged, but already have children of school age, since in many German states, Austria and Switzerland there is a break from school for the Easter holidays. This means you can enjoy and celebrate your engagement without the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Last but not least, Easter offers a number of organisational advantages: If you make your proposal while on holiday or have an exotic place in mind, flights and hotels at Easter are more expensive than they are if you avoid the school holidays, but they are much cheaper than during the peak season in summer. Restaurants and other beautiful locations for a marriage proposal are less busy than during the summer wedding season from early June to late August; especially relevant if you are planning the engagement as a larger celebration.

How can I plan a marriage proposal for Easter?

Most women want a romantic surprise marriage proposal. Easter offers the chance of an Easter egg hunt for those with a sweet tooth. In addition to chocolate Easter eggs, preferably from a pâtisserie and not from the supermarket, hide a very special and lovingly decorated egg, for example, in velvet with roses, which contains the engagement ring. If your sweetheart discovers the egg, get down on one knee, open it and ask the big question: “Will you marry me?”.

With a little skill and sensitivity, the engagement ring can also be hidden in a painted egg that has previously been blown out, cleaned and opened at the bottom. If it is placed in an egg cup with the opening to the bottom, no one will suspect a thing. As an alternative, an empty Kinder surprise can also be used, as both the two outer chocolate shells, as well as the yellow plastic egg inside are suitable as a hiding place for an engagement ring.

In many regions, it is traditional to cut willow branches at Easter, because it is precisely at this time that the fluffy willow catkins, often called palm catkins, blossom. The Easter bouquet is then placed in a floor vase and decorated with painted Easter eggs. A beautiful jewellery box or an egg decorated with hearts can be placed in such a bouquet as a highlight that is only apparent at second glance.

These ideas are too playful for you and you prefer a very classic proposal? Of course, an Easter marriage proposal can be planned without the Easter Bunny or eggs, whether it’s a romantic getaway in Paris or Venice, dinner in a fancy restaurant, or simply a spontaneous proposal during a walk in the spring sunshine. The season offers many opportunities, even winter sports enthusiasts will still find perfect conditions for a cosy proposal at higher altitudes, at a private ski lodge in March or April.

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