Diamond engagement ring

A major pitfall when buying diamonds: In-house diamond certificates or certificates from less reputable labs.


When searching for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, there are a few concerns you have to keep in mind. Not every jeweller is transparent about real offered quality and the accompanying prices. We want to educate you on this important topic beforehand so you do not buy the most important ring in your life from a jeweller that sells his diamonds with deceiving certificates. Your love is eternal, so make sure the quality of your ring is the same. Even if they look good in-store, you still have to be careful. In this article, we are going to explain how you can prevent buying a diamond of inferior quality due to in-house certificates or certificates from less reputable labs.

Diamond certificate from an independent and renowned laboratory

To make sure you are buying a real diamond, you should ask your jeweller about which diamond certificates they offer for their diamonds. This is a sort of passport that confirms the authenticity of the diamond. When you buy a certified diamond, you get an official document with an evaluation of your newly bought diamond that confirms that a specialized, independent laboratory has graded the 4C’s. This means that they evaluated the Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut of your diamond. Reliable laboratories who perform this evaluation are GIA, IGI and HRD. The better your diamond scores on these qualities, the more valuable your diamond is. Ofcourse this is reflected in the price.

Laser inscription number of the diamond

Most of the diamonds with a certificate have a number engraved which is so tiny that it is impossible to be seen with the naked eye. Only with a professional magnifying loupe you can read this number. This number needs to correspond with the number on the given certificate. On the website of the certifying laboratory, you can track your diamond using the number on the certificate and so check if your certificate is genuine.

Subjective diamond certificates

Unfortunately, there are still companies that try to trick their clients in buying expensive diamonds with certificates that are containing deceitful information. Instead of letting an independent laboratory examinate their diamonds, they write their own in-house certificates and evaluate the diamonds within the company. Because they can determine the 4C’s themselves, there is more uncertainty concerning the quality mentioned on the certificate. To benefit their own business they can be subjective in judging their diamonds and fill in the in-house certificates in a biased way to make more money.

That is why we want to emphasise the importance of buying your diamond engagement ring with a certificate that is made by an independent and renowned laboratory and avoid in-house certificates or certificates from less reputable labs. When your certificate comes from a reliable and independent institute like GIA, IGI or HRD, you can be sure that it is objective, transparent, accurate and trustworthy.


Do not settle for diamonds with a certificate that is deceitful. This will cost you more, and you will never be sure about the quality of your diamond. Go that extra mile to make sure you are buying a certified diamond with a certification from an independent and renowned laboratory. This way, you will never be in doubt about the quality of your diamond and you will pay a fair price.

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