Your proposal in pictures: our tips!


Your marriage proposal will probably soon become a magical moment for you. Usually, a proposal comes as a surprise, and a lot of emotions are at play. Sadly, the moment itself is often also quickly a thing of the past. So the question arises: how do you immortalise your symbolic moment forever? We have some useful tips for you!

The search for a photographer

First things first: snare a befriended or professional photographer! Take the time to look at some websites and portfolios so you can see in which style the photographer will finish his or her photos. Or maybe there is someone in your area who can take beautiful pictures? Look for someone with whom you have a good connection and discuss with him or her whether the concept you have in mind for that secret mission for your proposal is ‘doable’…

“A proposal is the first step of your journey through life together,” says wedding photographer Yves Schepers. “Later, you can use photos to look back on this unforgettable moment, and on the emotions that you felt at the time. Your love for each other is what everything revolves around.”

A good start…

… is half the battle! A successful marriage proposal invariably stands or fails with good preparation. Thus, all the parties are in the right place, at the right time. For example, do you have a surprise proposal in mind? Then make sure the presence of the photographer will be inconspicuous, so your sweetheart won’t get a whiff of anything. When you get down on one knee, the photographer can move closer and immortalise your beautiful moment!

“It may be useful to agree on a certain code word or hand gesture with your photographer,” Yves advises. “Thus, your photographer will know right away when your big moment has arrived.”

A symbolic location

Will you be doing your proposal at home, at a restaurant or at some other, symbolic location? The location you choose for your marriage proposal may depend on your beautiful memories of this place, or from then on, you will have a life-long connection with this place. A superb environment also contributes to your picture perfect setting. Go for a fairytale forest, a vast beach, or how about a proposal during a dive under water?

The perfect timing

On what day would you like to surprise your loved one, and around what time do you think you want to make your proposal? At certain times of the day, the sun shines in such a magical way that your setting, and therefore your photos, will take on an added dimension. A proposal on one knee at dawn or at sunset makes for the most romantic photos, with that beautiful ‘golden hour‘ glow on your faces…

Dress rehearsal

Go on a pre-visit to your location, and discuss your planned proposal in advance with any parties involved, like your restaurant manager or your photographer. This way, everything will go smoothly and your photographer will be in the right place, so he or she can shoot from the right side and in the perfect light.

“Do you want to be absolutely sure? Surprise your aspiring fiancée with a ‘love shoot’, a fun photo shoot with just the two of you”, says Yves. “Communicate your secret plans with your photographer and surprise your loved one during your shoot by going down on one knee. The most beautiful images, guaranteed!”

Use a ring camera

Would you rather experience this intimate event just with the two of you? That’s possible too! “But then we don’t have footage as a memory…”, we can already hear you think. Enter: the ring camera! This mini camera is secretly incorporated into the jewellery box in which you will soon present the engagement ring… Thus, you will still record every second of your proposal on screen. A handy gadget for an unforgettable memory.

Do you still want some extra unique pictures of your engagement afterwards? Then decide on a wonderful engagement shoot! 

Yves Schepers is a familiar entity in the world of wedding photography. His journalistic style, in which authenticity is central, has already earned him many international awards, such as the recent Reportage award in 2020. He is also an ambassador for Sony and House of Weddings, and a photographer for the well-known TV program ‘Blind Getrouwd’.

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