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How to get the most out of your proposal shoot


At last, the time has come…you’re engaged! Whether you popped the question or were the one being asked, we bet you can’t wait to celebrate your marriage. But wouldn’t you like some stunning pictures of the two of you before then…? Our advice? Plan an unforgettable engagement proposal shoot! Read on for our top tips for getting the most out of your marriage proposal shoot.

What exactly is an engagement proposal shoot?

A marriage proposal shoot is ideal for you to celebrate your engagement as a couple. It’s a moment of pure relaxation. It’s a really enjoyable moment, just the two of you, before you start planning for your long-awaited nuptials. It’ll provide you with dozens of special photos that radiate the love between the two of you. The perfect memory of this magical time in your lives…

When does a marriage proposal shoot happen?

An engagement shoot normally takes place between your proposal and wedding. During this time, you’re floating on a rosy cloud and dreaming of your future as a married couple. If you choose a time that’s a little closer to the proposal, there’ll probably be a bit more ‘wonder’ on your faces. Whereas, if you pick a date closer to your wedding date, you’ll probably already exude more ‘peace’.

Why go for a proposal shoot?

An engagement shoot is, first and foremost, a wonderful souvenir of the blissful period after the proposal. It’s a fantastic activity to do together because there’s often lots of laughter during a marriage proposal shoot between the romantic glances. If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera during your wedding, it’ll also help you overcome your fear. And of course, the ultimate advantage is that you’ll have all these wonderful pictures and will be able to use them on your wedding invitations and thank-you cards, as well as decorative pieces during your wedding reception and in your home!

Wedding photographer Yves Schepers has this to say: “I really love engagement shoots. It’s a time when I get to let my creativity run wild. During the shoot, there is usually a loose and relaxed atmosphere between the couple and the photographer, which generates spontaneous, emotional images.”

Who will be there during a marriage proposal shoot?

Of course, as the engaged couple, you’ll be the centre of attention during your engagement shoot. But if you already have a little rascal (or two!) running around, they’ll make a perfect addition. And if you have a furbaby, many photographers are happy to include them in the proposal shoot too!

Couples often choose to work with a professional photographer. Take a look at a few portfolios beforehand and decide which photography style suits you. Extra tip: you may want to choose the same photographer you’re planning to use for your wedding. That way, you get to know each other in advance, and then they’ll be able to photograph your wedding day in complete confidence. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to take them for a test drive!

“The way the photos are taken colours your memory,” says Yves Schepers. “So start looking for an available date well in time; weekends in wedding photographers’ agendas are usually fully booked up at break-neck speed.”

Choosing a location for your marriage proposal shoot

It’s all up to you! Choose a place where you feel totally at home or that has a special meaning for you as a couple. Or one that’s completely on-trend and unique. The magic of the location will be visible in your photos. How about the place he proposed or a beautiful spot in nature?

If you’re wondering what to wear for your proposal shoot, Yves shares an extra tip, “Choose an outfit that suits both the occasion and your unique character”. “Most couples go for a ‘casual elegance’ look during an engagement shoot. It’s also nice to bring different outfits, so you have various photos to frame for your home, and you can show off your beautiful photos over and over on social media!”, Yves adds with a wink.

We’re already completely convinced! You too? Say cheese!

Yves Schepers is a familiar name in the world of wedding photography. His journalistic style, which centres on authenticity, has already earned him many international awards, including the recent Reportage Award in 2020. He is also an ambassador for Sony and House of Weddings, and a photographer for the well-known TV programme Blind Getrouwd, Belgium’s answer to Married at First Sight.

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