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Why plan a skydiving proposal?


There are lots of reasons why you might be considering a skydiving proposal: or why, if you’re not yet considering one, you might be after you’ve read this…

A skydiving proposal is a once in a lifetime experience

Of course, your engagement is going to be incredible anyway: how could it not be, when the love of your life says yes to the rest of your life together? But popping the question while skydiving takes it to the next level. Proposing isn’t something an everyday occurrence, and neither is skydiving (well, for most people it isn’t!) – so it’s the perfect way to make it unforgettable!

A skydiving proposal is perfect for adrenaline junkies

Perhaps you spend your weekends bouldering, or maybe your dream holiday involves skiing, slacklining or surfing. If you’re the kind of couple who are always searching for the next daredevil hit, then it makes total sense to make sure your proposal fits that bill too.

And if you really want to ramp up the adrenaline, you could always organise the skydive as a surprise…but we cannot stress enough that you should only do this if you 100% know that your partner would love the spontaneity of it all!

A skydiving proposal makes an excellent story to tell

Your loved ones will be so happy for you, when they hear the good news. In fact, the first thing they’re likely to say (ok, maybe second, after “Let’s see the ring!”) is “How did they propose?”. Every proposal story is romantic by their very nature, but not all of them have elements of adventure, surprise, and suspense…a skydiving proposal story has this in bucketfuls.

How to plan a skydiving proposal

Some proposal plans require slightly more planning than others, and a skydiving proposal is no different. But don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for! Here’s everything you need to plan a skydiving proposal, so that it runs smoothly:

Find your location

The first thing to do is to find the skydiving centre where you’ll perform the jump. Of course, there are practical considerations here: how far away from your home it is, how far you want to travel, the surrounding scenery. But another really important consideration is the team at the skydiving centre, and how comfortable you feel with them. A skydiving proposal requires a certain level of communication and coordination, and whilst you’re in the air you want to know you can trust the people on the ground to be doing their bit too. Having said this, most centres will be absolutely honoured to play a part in such a momentous milestone, so this shouldn’t be a problem!

Choose when to pop the question

Within a skydiving proposal, there are multiple chances to pop the question. Which one you pick is totally up to you!

You might want to pop the question as you’re gaining altitude on the way up, surveying the beautiful scenery from your never-before-seen vantage point.

Or, perhaps you want to ask just before you jump: get down on one knee in the plane, pop the ring on their finger, hug – and then jump!

Yet another option is to propose once you’re on the ground, post-jump. Fresh from the exhilarating skydive, you can pop the question once you’ve landed and got your footing back!

Spell your message out on the ground

When you’re that high up, the ground is your canvas! Use the space to your advantage by spelling out a message that your beloved will be able to see from above (we recommend asking the skydiving centre to suggest a printer who’ll be able to print at the size you need for it to be legible.) It could be anything – your names in a heart, a lyric that means a lot to the both of you, “I have a question to ask”, or, even: “Will You Marry Me?”

Get your friends and family involved

The great thing about a skydiving proposal is that you can do quite a lot without your partner noticing. (They’ll be too busy focusing on, you know, falling out of a plane at a crazy height.) This includes organising all of your friends and family to be gathered on the ground for when you land. From above, your partner will have no idea who they are: but as they get closer, they’ll have the surprise of their life as they realise it’s everyone they love.

Immortalise the moment with photos and/or video

There are some moments where you can whip out your phone for a quick celebratory selfie: skydiving is not one of those times! However, that isn’t to say that you can’t have the moment immortalised forever. Ask your skydiving centre if you can add photography and/or videography onto your skydiving package, and a trained professional can skydive with you to capture the moment in all of its glory.

Are you planning a skydiving proposal? Or perhaps you’re considering another adventurous proposal idea ? Whatever you’re planning, we’re here to help.

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