Couple on mountain

Why choose a mountain proposal?


The views are simply breathtaking

A beautiful moment deserves a beautiful setting, and you won’t find better than that of a mountain proposal. They offer totally unique vantage points so stunning they’ll take your breath away: and that’s before you even pop the question! There’s something really special about being surrounded by Mother Nature in all of her glory, and this is amplified on such a momentous occasion.

Your announcement photos will be next level

Plus, imagine the announcement photos! Whether you’re going for a #ringshot or a selfie – or maybe a photo taken by fellow hikers – that sweet mountain proposal setting is going to be the perfect backdrop.

Your proposal should reflect you as a couple

The most important thing when planning a proposal is to ensure that it reflects your life together, and your love. So if you’re an adventurous couple who love to spend your spare time hiking or trekking, then the question goes from why would you choose a mountain proposal to why wouldn’t you – it’s the obvious choice!

How to plan a mountain proposal

Plan ahead

The same thing that makes a mountain proposal so incredible is the thing that also makes them somewhat precarious: the unpredictability of nature. However, this isn’t to say it can’t be done. It just requires a little extra planning, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Pick your location

You may well have a particular location in mind already – perhaps somewhere you went on an early date, or somewhere you’ve always said you should climb together. If you don’t have anywhere particular in mind, make sure to do your research before you decide on your destination. There’s such variety in the accessibility of different climbs, you want to make sure you’re on a hike that you and your partner can complete without fear!

Pack accordingly

If you want to go down the surprise proposal route, we suggest making the question a surprise but not the idea of the hike itself. That’s because the success of a mountain climb is hugely dependent on the preparation and the packing. You don’t want to be caught short mid-hike without the right gear (or snacks, of course!)

Check out the weather forecast

Part of this necessary preparation is to check out the weather, too. Make sure you’re not planning on going anywhere too dangerous in the conditions. And, if the weather takes a turn for the worse…

Have a Plan B – just in case

With the best will in the plan, sometimes the weather – or other factors – decides otherwise. But don’t worry: this doesn’t have to ruin your proposal! Have a Plan B in place just in case – it’ll be perfect either way. This could be a lovely local pub with a roaring wood fire and a cabinet of delicious vintage red wines; or a nearby campsite with a romantic hot tub.

How to make your mountain proposal extra special

Getting engaged on a mountainside is already pretty incredible, but there are lots of ways you can make your mountain proposal even more special.

But note: most of them involve the assistance of some secret helpers, so make sure you get yours enlisted…

Enjoy a delicious picnic

If there’s somewhere up the mountain where you can rest and enjoy a snack, why not organise for a picnic to be spread waiting for you? A blanket and a basket full of delicious goodies waiting for you is undeniably romantic: whether you go for champagne and strawberries or water and energy balls is up to you!

Deck the halls with fairy lights

Battery operated fairy lights are an inexpensive way to make a space even more magical, without leaving any trace behind. Arrange for a pre-agreed spot to be decked out with twinkly fairy lights if you’re planning to propose in the early evening (leaving yourself enough good light to get down safely, of course!) They’ll make the stars look even shinier!

Hire a photographer to capture the moment

In some scenarios, it’s hard for an undercover photographer to be surreptitious; but in this setting, they’ll look like just another nature lover wanting to immortalise the moment. Little will your partner know that actually you’ve been liaising with this photographer in secret, to ensure that they can capture the moment you ask for your partner’s hand in marriage…and, of course, the moment that your partner says yes!

We’d love to know: are you planning a mountain proposal? Whereabouts are you thinking of? And why did you decide on that plan? We love love stories more than anything in the world (though if you haven’t 100% decided on your proposal plan yet, we’ve got plenty more adventurous proposal ideas to check out here), so we definitely want to hear yours!

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