5 Valentine’s Day tips from Nathalie Baeten-Coucke


Got the Valentine’s feels already? Already know what you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day or still looking for inspiration? Nathalie Baeten–Coucke’s heart-warming Valentine’s tips will help to make your Valentine’s Day a real success. Because on Valentine’s Day, everything at the Coucke home exudes extra love and coziness.

1 Make time for each other and put the rest of the world on ‘pause’.

Nathalie kicks things off: “Hitting pause on things to let you take time to enjoy each other is the most beautiful gift you can give your partner. We also live a fast-paced life at times, what with us being a family with growing and active children, a challenging business life and a range of different social activities. But our Friday nights are sacred. For us, that’s our family time to eat together, share stories and really make time for one another”.

“So you too should try telling the world to pause and take a break on Valentine’s Day. Set your smartphones, tablets and laptops on silent for the whole day and just enjoy each other’s company. You’ll see that you’ll soon rediscover things about your partner that you know you can truly appreciate”.

2 Create an extra cosy atmosphere at home

You can also create added ambiance at home. Nathalie explains further: “Valentine’s Day means warmth and cosiness, as well as being together with your partner. Personally I’m a fan of stylish, custom-made decorations that instantly create the right atmosphere. Hearts and flowers: a homely environment that you’ll really love enjoying. A crackling fire and soft, fitting music in the room, mood lighting and a stunning that will create incredible moments and memories. It’s always nice to come home and just feel that for some reason tonight’s a special evening. Your heart will immediately skip a beat and your face will be suddenly become the very definition of happiness”.

3 Candles…lots and lots of candles

“I’m obsessed with cndles! They’re the symbol of romance, warmth, passion hope and fire. Their cosy light brings a lovely warmth to your home. The twilight creates an air of mystery and with my Mountain Chic scented candle, I like bringing to bring the sultry smell of love into the room at the same time. The sensual aroma of oriental wood and velvety leather will put you in the mood for a cosy and romantic evening. Candles in the living room, hallway and even in the bathroom while you’re preparing for your date are always a winner!”

4 A splash of red

“Red is the undisputed colour of love and passion, which also makes it the colour of Valentine’s Day.       On any occasion I like to add signature details that help to make the whole occasion even more celebratory and that are specific to the moment. They don’t always need to be remarkable either, they can even be pretty subtle. A dash of red in your clothing, on the table or in your interior decor can act as an extra reminder that today is a day for celebrating your love”.

5 Spick and span for woman and man!

“In your day-to-day life, you always try to be stylish for the day ahead. But on Valentine’s Day, the old saying has even more emphasis: dress for the occasion. Be aware of yourself and enjoy getting ready for your celebration. Take time to look through your wardrobe for clothes that will both make you glow and let you feel comfortable at the same time. Go for clothing that really lets your face, your beautiful smile and your sparkling eyes stand out. Do it for your partner, but also especially for yourself, so you feel like that powerful, attractive individual once again”.

And how does Nathalie herself like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? “Marc know that I always enjoy the cosy and inviting atmosphere of a dinner by candlelight…”, she says with a smile.

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