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Delightfully creative: ask someone to marry you, through art!


Would you like to surprise your partner by proposing to them in a truly original way? We listened to what artist Montana Engels, famous among other things for Belgium’s Got Talent, had to say. After all, she is full of ideas for a truly creative touch when you propose!

Speed Painting

Montana is best known for her “speed paintings”: she can capture a scene on canvas in minutes. Montana explains: “I actually use glue a lot of the time then, throw glitter onto the lines I’ve drawn, creating a subtle, unexpected effect: ‘Oh wow, look what she’s painted!’ If you are planning on proposing to your partner, I could be hiding in the background, secretly capturing your magical moment for posterity. Technically, you could surprise your partner for a second time later on, when they see the painting showing you going down on one knee and proposing.”

Montana adds, “I can adapt which colours I use for the glitter, so the painting is guaranteed to fit the couple’s home decoration style. Fun fact: the glitter I often use in my paintings is called ‘diamond dust’ – the perfect nod to a diamond engagement ring, haha.”

Wall painting

Would you like to go large? Of course! Montana loves this idea:“Do you really want to impress someone? Because I could create, especially for you, a mural or wall painting in a town somewhere you specify. An entire wall wholly dedicated to you as a couple and to your proposal. Happen to walk past this wall, only to discover your own faces and names included in the painting… You might also like to arrange for a photographer to be on hand, to record your proposal for posterity, because this will be a sight you’ll never want to forget!”

Engagement ring with special engraving

Would you rather incorporate a work of art into your engagement ring? In fact, Montana can also add a creative engraving to the inside or outside of a ring: “If the person in question sends me a photo, I can come up with an illustrative drawing. I can then discuss with the engraver how we incorporate this into the ring,” says Montana.

Painting class

Are you truly creative yourselves? If so, Montana may have a wonderful experience in store for you: “I also teach painting classes, where people are challenged to depict their emotions on canvas. I find that people are always delighted when they can create something themselves, and go back home full of energy. Couples are welcome too, of course, and who knows – the creative setting might be the perfect occasion for a spontaneous proposal…,” said Montana.


About Montana Engels

Artist Montana Engels found fame in 2016 after appearing on the talent show Belgium’s Got Talent. She is known for her speed paintings: she can conjure up a work of art onto a canvas within minutes. Since then, among other things, she painted a portrait for the wedding of Véronique De Kock and Eden Hazard, and has in fact also done a speed painting for Prince Laurent. It is clear that people find her work amazing.

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