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The Harry Potter Marriage Proposal


The Harry Potter book series, which began in 1997 and in Germany in 1998 with the novel “The Philosopher’s Stone”, was a sensational success on bestseller lists and made the author Joanne K. Rowling world famous overnight. There are hardly any children or teenagers who don’t know about the books, they have been sold more than half a billion times worldwide. Even adults enjoy the exciting stories from the world of the magic school of Hogwarts.

A marriage proposal at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park

For the ultimate Harry Potter marriage proposal, you have to travel to Orlando in Florida. In addition to the Disneyland theme park, which everyone has heard of before, there is also the Orlando Resort of Universal Film Studios.

In the “Islands of Adventure” park you will find the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter“ which has been extensively expanded several times in recent years. In addition to spectacular rides, for which, among other things, the entire Hogwarts Castle was recreated and a functioning Hogwarts Express train, there is a small Harry Potter world of its own in Diagon Alley with restaurants, attractions, shops and much more. Lovingly designed down to the last detail, rightly awarded a full 5 stars out of over 41,000 reviews on TripAdvisor.

The perfect location for a Harry Potter marriage proposal. If you prefer to travel to Japan instead of the USA, you will find the Japanese counterpart in Osaka in the Japanese version of the Wizarding World, also part of the Universal Park there. Trips can be booked either individually or as a package tour.

Tip: The Harry Potter wizarding world is divided into two park areas, for which separate tickets are required. The combination ticket is cheaper, with which you get full access to all areas.

A Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt

Is a long-distance trip a little too expensive and difficult for your engagement? There are also wonderful ideas for a Harry Potter marriage proposal that cost less and still delight every fan. For example, a scavenger hunt with additional tasks at individual search stations. Suggestions for this can be found in “The Philosopher’s Stone” and “The Goblet of Fire”. Perhaps you can also get some friends and relatives involved, who will wait suitably costumed at the puzzle stations and greet your loved one in the right style.

At the end of the Harry Potter adventure, the ring is waiting to be put on their finger.

The unbreakable oath from “The Half-Blood Prince”

In the sixth part of the book series, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, there is a chapter on the “unbreakable vow” A beautiful symbol of an engagement, because it is also the promise of a lifelong bond. With the help of the book and the ritual described in it, an extremely romantic Harry Potter engagement could be designed.

You kneel down with your loved one while another person pronounces the oath with a burning wand, while you solemnly put on the engagement ring.

Alternatively, this proposal is also feasible with just two people, you could, for example, hide the ring in the book at the beginning of the appropriate chapter, but this inevitably requires some work with scissors so that the ring will fit into the book. It is best to use a new copy and not the beautiful first edition, which you might already own.

A Quidditch proposal for sportier partners

Muggles, normal people without magic skills, can not play quidditch on a flying broom or perform incredible stunts while chasing a snitch, but quidditch has also been around since 2005 as an official sport for mere mortals. That’s no joke, the sport exists and is a mixture of volleyball, handball and dodgeball.

This variant, derived from the original game in the books, was invented by two students from the USA. Thanks to the popularity of Harry Potter, this niche sport quickly became a global phenomenon. In 2015 and 2016, there was a European Championship and a World Championship. There are over 100 teams worldwide, more than two dozen of them in Germany, and even professional umbrella associations have been created.

The broom is still a central element because every player has to clamp a one-meter-long plastic pipe between their legs while playing. The equipment can be gathered together easily, only the so-called “hoops” have to be built independently and are not yet available in sports stores. Instructions for this can be found, for example, on the German Quidditch Federation website.

Are you all set? Then all you have to do is get down on your knees during the tournament you are organizing and make a marriage proposal worthy of Harry Potter to your beloved.

Too much effort? Then just travel to a game of a team in your area and use it as a backdrop to make your request. Talk to the team in advance, who will certainly be happy to support you with this idea.

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