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The Engagement Trends for 2022


A new year, a new overview of trends! And in the engagement area there a few clearly visible trends this year too. We’ll take you through the engagement trends for 2022!

Hidden Pinterest wedding boards

The fact that you don’t necessarily already need to be engaged to set up a Pinterest board for your engagement and dream wedding can be seen from the large number of hidden non-public engagement & wedding boardswhich are present on Pinterest in 2022. Great idea, by the way! It’s never too early to start gathering inspiration for your big day. Let your senses be stimulated by the most breath-taking engagement rings, beautiful wedding locations and already say “yes!” to the digital wedding dress of your dreams.

Dream ring? Sharing is caring!

More and more couples are choosing an engagement ring together. The lost effect of the surprise is more than made up by the fact that you definitely know that your partner is going to like the ring. Or you have a proactive approach as fiancée to be, and ‘at a certain moment’ (read: when your loved one starts to suspect your plans to propose) you share your favourite ring selection with your BFF. We bet that ‘somehow’ you can pass on your choice to your partner?

Think about a professional for the photos or videos

Admit it: these days we love to share life’s most intimate moments with friends and family, fans and followers. It is written in the engagement stars for 2022: marriage proposals are a team effort more than ever. No going down on one knee without the photographer or videographer nearby – even if they are not a pro. And even if you already spotted the photographer: act surprised!


Have your photos been delivered? Then in 2022 you might want to reach the largest possible audience with your engagement post on Facebook and Instagram. Using a few well-chosen hashtags will make sure that your message gets even more hearts, thumbs-up and likes. Hashtags such as #we’regettingmarried and #weareengaged, for example. But of course also a personal hashtag for your engagement and upcoming wedding, which you can use later on when posting all your photos and films. This will allow you to bundle your favourite images and create a unique virtual photo album.

Wedding event n°1: Your engagement party

Now that the end of the Covid era seems to be in sight, couples are looking to experience their wedding planning journey as intensively as possible. They are planning in various moments where they can celebrate their (upcoming) occasion. So after you passionately exclaimed “yes!” in the ear of your soon-to-be, a wonderful engagement party is an essential item in 2022. For example a sun-drenched cocktail party with your ownsignature cocktail, as a freshly engaged couple. Or how about a tasty brunch with the necessary mimosas, or a stylish picnic in an authentic natural setting?

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