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Best Luxury Proposal Gifts For A Partner Who Deserves The World


Getting engaged is a gift in and of itself: the gift of happily ever after, and usually the gift of a ring, too. However, on top of this you might also be thinking about other luxury proposal gifts to get your partner, to form the cherry on top of an already incredible cake.

But what can you get a partner who deserves the world? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite luxury proposal gifts and ideas below, to give you some inspiration…

Luxury proposal gifts to commemorate the date

One of the things that can make an item luxury is personalisation: the fact that this thing was made especially for you, and could only ever have been made for you. A particularly special way of connecting this to your engagement is to get a gift that commemorates the date your partner said yes.

Bespoke artwork

One stunning way of incorporating your personalised engagement story into luxury proposal gifts is to get a piece of artwork commemorating the fact that you’ve popped the question.

If you’re planning to have a photographer on hand to immortalise the moment forever, their shot deserves to be seen as more than just your phone wallpaper – why not get the photo professionally framed to proudly display on your mantelpiece?

Alternatively, you could commission an artist to create artwork based on the date, your story, or something that’s significant to both of you. There are so many talented makers out there, from fine artists specialising in watercolours to neon artists who can put your name in lights – literally.

A handmade keepsake box

If you’ve got some keepsakes from the engagement – a bottle of sand from the beach where you proposed, or the cork from the champagne bottle you toasted with – they deserve better than being shut away in a dusty old shoebox. Why not commission a handmade keepsake box with compartments for everything you want to keep forever, to celebrate such a special day?


Speaking of champagne…popping the question is always cause for celebration – and that, in turn, is always cause for some fancy glassware! There’ll be plenty of opportunities to toast your new chapter in the next few months, never mind the years to come. Engagement parties with friends and family, date nights, wedding planning sessions, and more – treat yourselves to some engraved champagne coupes to make it taste even sweeter.

Celebration hampers

If you’ve got the nice glasses…you need something to drink from them. Keep the celebrations going with a hamper, full of deliciousness. Long gone are the days where hampers were a tad tacky or ill-thought-out; instead nowadays there are a plethora of top curators, such as Not Another Bill, who bring together all the best produce and presents in one handy package. (Wave goodbye to the memory of cheap cellophane wrapping, too, and say hello to wicker baskets as deluxe as their contents.) The hamper could be as general, or as specific to your story as you like: if you popped the question whilst away, for example, you could choose a hamper that specifically showcases the produce of that region.

Relaxation hampers

Hampers don’t have to include food, either – why not gift your loved one a bumper bundle of relaxation, like this Cowshed Sleep Ritual Hamper? This is a particularly great choice if you’re planning to propose in your own slice of paradise. With thoughtful, luxury proposal gifts that centre on relaxation and pampering, you can keep that sense of calm and idyll going long after you land.

Modern Heirloom Jewellery

The chances are your engagement included a ring, but why stop there? One of our all-time favourite luxury proposal gifts is matching jewellery to accompany the rock. This could be a necklace with the same pattern, earrings with the same stone, or you could ask the jeweller to make something just for you.

Alternatively, you could get a locket engraved with the date of your engagement – just remember to leave enough room to update it with the wedding date, too!

Luxury proposal gifts to help with wedding planning

Wedding journals, planners or organisers

If you’re looking for luxury proposal gifts which can prove their use immediately, why not invest in a wedding journal or planner? They’ll be an instant hit with your partner as the perfect space to keep track of all of their whirring thoughts and exciting ideas throughout the planning process. This Martha Brook organiser can be personalised with your names, whilst this leather notebook from Smythson can slip into any pocket.

Wedding countdown chalkboard

At times, wedding planning will feel like it’s dragging on, and on, and you’ll just want the day to be here, now – and at other points, it’ll be going by so quickly you’ll almost wish things would just slow down. Through it all, you can keep a firm grip on how much time has actually passed with a countdown chalkboard. It becomes a lovely part of the morning routine: wake up, maybe do some yoga, go downstairs to make a coffee, and mark off one step closer to the day of your dreams…

Liked the sound of these luxury proposal gifts, but want even more inspiration? Check out more of our proposal gifting ideas here.

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