Quirky proposal ideas

5 quirky proposal ideas that your partner won’t be able to resist!


As lovely as a candlelit dinner and a bouquet of roses can be, they’re not ideal proposal scenarios for everyone. You’re the person who knows your partner best, and therefore you know whether they’ll prefer a more quirky proposal over something classic. From referencing their favourite book, television show or film to asking the question in a way they won’t be able to resist, here are some ideas for unique and quirky proposal ideas for people who love the more offbeat things in life.

Quirky proposal idea #1: a magical Harry Potter proposal

For fans of JK Rowling’s wizarding world, a Harry Potter-themed proposal would be absolutely magical! And because the books and films are so rich in textual and visual details, there are myriads of ways that you can craft your quirky proposal.

You could buy a special piece of jewellery to accompany your Harry Potter proposal, such as this proposal locket from Etsy seller LunaSparksBoutique. Or you could put your chosen engagement ring inside a Golden Snitch – check out this amazing one by Kaepsel.

There’s also the option of using the books themselves as props, perhaps by slipping your proposal inside your partner’s existing copy, or issuing them with a special copy that has your proposal written on the frontispiece.

If you’re in the UK or heading that way, you could combine a proposal with a visit to The Making of Harry Potter studio tour, which is absolutely crammed with possibilities for an amazing quirky proposal. Across the Atlantic there’s also The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, which would be a truly wonderful combination of holiday and quirky proposal!

Quirky proposal idea #2: A fairytale Disney proposal

The magic of Disney can make for an enchanting proposal, which will be perfect for any lifelong fans of these wonderful films. For something close to home, set up a film night featuring your partner’s favourite Disney films and then go down on one knee at an appropriate moment. You could also consider using props from their favourite movie, such as the rose in the dome from Beauty and the Beast.

Looking further afield, make it a holiday to remember by booking a trip to one of the Disney theme parks across the world and then popping the question in front of the famous castle or on one of the rides. In fact, Disney can even help with planning your proposal if you like – check out the engagement sections of Disney Resorts and Disneyland Paris to find out more.

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Quirky proposal idea #3: A dramatic Games of Thrones proposal

A wedding is coming – and for fans of George RR Martin’s fantasy saga, having a Game of Thrones proposal would be absolutely perfect. The locations from the iconic TV show would make for wonderful backdrops to bend the knee, such as Kings Landing (Dubrovnik in Croatia), the King’s Road (Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland), Winterfell (Castle Ward in Ireland), Highgarden (Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Spain) or the KIng’s Landing Gardens (Trsteno in Croatia).

There are also so many wonderful details from the story that you could incorporate into a proposal – how about using the famous line ‘moon of my life, my sun and stars’ on a proposal sign? And if you want to go all-out, you could set up a GOT-themed photo shoot, like this amazing story.

Quirky proposal idea #4: A delicious pizza proposal

Fans of the Italian staple? Why not use a pizza as the basis for your quirky proposal, spelling out your question across the top using cleverly placed vegetables or pepperoni? A pizza proposal would also be lovely if the dish is significant to you and your relationship – that you ate it on your first date, for example, or if you first kissed outside a pizza parlour.

And while the food itself may be simple, the setting doesn’t have to be – you can make your pizza proposal as elaborate and lavish as you like. The bonus is that you get to enjoy a delicious meal after your partner says yes!

Quirky proposal idea #5 A modern virtual proposal

If there’s one thing the last two years have taught us, it’s that being online can be just as powerful as being together IRL, and a virtual proposal allows you endless ways to get creative. Planning a virtual proposal is a great option if you’re in a long distance relationship and therefore can’t be in the same room as your loved one for your quirky proposal. A virtual proposal also works well for gamers and those who love being online.

The obvious way to connect virtually for your quirky proposal is to use a video call such as Zoom, and then have a think about how you can make it special for your proposal. Start by customising your background, picking a romantic destination such as the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, or a location that means something to the two of youl. Then set up things with the help of a friend or family member to make sure the setting at your partner’s end is as perfect as it can be, such as arranging for food and drink to be delivered and for the venue to be appropriately decorated. 

Don’t let yourself be limited to proposing via a video call, however. You could get creative by making a proposal video, either by yourself or hiring a professional. Send the link to your loved one and let them enjoy an amazing surprise!

All you need to do is ensure you have a strong internet connection – no-one wants to be buffered while they’re trying to pop the question!

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