Mother's Day proposal ideas

Mum’s the word! Our guide to Mother’s Day proposal ideas


Although it’s not one of the more obvious holidays to propose on, Mother’s Day could be the ideal day for you to ask your partner to marry you. Whether you already have children or have one on the way, this can be a really significant day in the calendar and ideal for popping the question. And the good news is that there are lots of creative and memorable Mother’s Day proposal ideas to make the event even more special. Read on to find out our top tips and ideas.

Keeping a Mother’s Day proposal in the family

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days around the world – a changing spring date in the UK, May for Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, the US and many others, 8th March (alongside International Women’s Day) for Russia, Serbia and more. But no matter when the celebration is in the year, the focus of the day is always the same: celebrating mums and the amazing job they do.

So the first of our Mother’s Day proposal ideas is to get the kids involved – after all, they’re the reason that your partner is being celebrated! And whatever the age of your child/ren, there are so many fun ways to pop the question with them by your side. They’ll definitely want to get involved, too, as they’re sure to be as thrilled and excited as you are about asking their mummy such an important question!

Got a baby or a toddler? Dress them up in a t-shirt spelling out the question on the back, or get them to hold a sign that says ‘will you marry daddy/mummy?’ If your children are a little older, then you can get their input into the day and even ask them for their ideas or unique spin on the proposal. For example, you could all cook your partner a delicious breakfast and then serve it to her in bed, with a side order of a proposal – try writing it on the plate, or including a card on the tray that has your question written inside. Just make sure that if you do want to get your kids involved in your Mother’s Day proposal plans they understand they need to keep them a total secret from their mum. You don’t want your grand moment ruined by a little one who’s just too excited and accidentally lets slip about your proposal!

Another lovely idea is setting up a surprise family photo shoot. While that alone would definitely put a smile on your partner’s face, turning it into an engagement shoot by proposing halfway through is sure to be a complete delight! This one could also be a fun surprise for the kids, too, which will make for some fantastic photos as everyone realises what’s happening!

We’ve also got lots more proposal ideas with kids here, which can easily be adapted specifically for Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day and more Mother’s Day proposal ideas

For some women, Mother’s Day is also the chance to have a well-deserved break from family duties and to enjoy some activities away from the home. If this is the case, you could treat your partner to something she’d love, whether this a spa day, workshop, cocktails or afternoon tea, and then propose in the evening when she’s back feeling relaxed. This way you’ll emphasise how much you appreciate the love and care she gives to you and your family, ensuring she’s had a lovely time to herself and feels recharged and refreshed.

It might be that your children aren’t here yet, and Mother’s Day will fall while your partner is pregnant with your first child. So if you’re planning a proposal then this is sure to make her first Mother’s Day even more memorable! Some sweet ideas for helping to pop the question include asking her to marry you inside a ‘mother-to-be’ card, tying the ring onto a pair of baby booties or writing the question on a picture of your latest scan.

Of course, as well as being great ideas for Mother’s Day proposals, all of these tips apply equally to Father’s Day proposals. So if you’re a woman looking to propose to your male partner or a man wanting to propose to your boyfriend, then Father’s Day (which again varies from country to country, although for many it’s in June) could be just the right day to pop the question.

And when it comes to the engagement ring, why not pick one that features all of the family members’ birthstones in it? This would be a beautiful celebration of your family and a lovely reminder of the day that you asked her to marry you.

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