Marriage proposal with pizza


Mmm pizza! If your partner is a huge fan of this, maybe you can use it in your marriage proposal! Did you know that pizza can make you genuinely happy and that feeling of happiness is very good for your body and mind? This has been proven by a study. Now she can’t say no, can she? Of course, there are other ways you can propose to your partner, but if your loved one is a real pizza lover, I would definitely check this out!

Get the question written in the box

When you order a pizza, you agree with the restaurant that they should do something special namely write “will you marry me?” in the box. Of course, make sure you accept the boxes!  When your beloved then receives the box and opens it, she won’t know what she is reading! If you then ask the question again and bring out the ring, she will realize that this is real. She never dared to think this!

Sticking the ring in the pizza box

Want to take a different approach to the one described above? Then stick the box with the ring near the pizza. Of course, you need to make sure you are well prepared! Make sure you receive the boxes and have the ring handy. Maybe also take a tissue. You can put this around the ring box, so it doesn’t get dirty from the pizza itself. When your loved one opens the box let her open the box herself. She will look very surprised! This is the moment you are going to ask her to marry you! You get down on your knee and ask the question. She will never forget this moment!

Get the question written on the pizza itself

Ideal for when you take your loved one to a pizza restaurant. You can make contact beforehand and explain exactly what you want to do. Once you have arrived, make it nice and romantic and tell her how much you love her. You can then also build the evening up to the climax: your marriage proposal! When the waiter secretly signals you, you tell your beloved that you have been wanting to ask her something for some time. At that moment, her pizza is served. When she reads the question, she will not know what she is experiencing, how romantic! Then you stand up, bring out the ring and ask her the question again. All the customers in the shop will cheer you on and join in on this moment!

Pizza in a heart shape

Surprise your loved one with a pizza in a heart shape! Tell her not to cook tonight and that you will take care of dinner. After work, go to the pizzeria and ask if they can make a heart-shaped pizza. When this is successful, you go home and, in the meantime, let your partner know that she is not allowed in the living room for a while. She will definitely find this exciting! Once home, quickly set everything up. Set the table, pour two glasses of wine, and lay the pizza open on the table. Also, create a cozy atmosphere by lighting candles. Make sure you have the ring within reach of course! When everything is perfect bring your partner to the living room. She will immediately be showered with a romantic feeling! As icing on the cake, you ask her to marry you. What a great evening!

Celebrating marriage proposal with pizza

Congratulations, you are engaged! What better way to celebrate than with family and friends? Invite your close circle and treat them to pizza. Who can say no to pizza? It is simple and very tasty! It will be a fun evening with the people you love dearly.

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