Less is more: ideas for crafting a beautifully simple wedding proposal


When it comes to a proposal, sometimes less is definitely more. There’s often a lot of pressure to get a proposal picture-perfect, especially in this era of social media and sharing, which can make it nerve-wracking when you’re trying to plan out what you want to do. A simple proposal, however, removes any unnecessary expectations, stress and third parties. It might also be the best option if your partner is more of an introvert and doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, or if you two love living a more simple lifestyle and eschew anything too ostentatious.

But a simple proposal doesn’t mean an unromantic one. In fact, stripping back the bells and whistles from your proposal can actually make it more magical, as it’s just you, your partner and that all-important question. Read on for our ideas on how to craft a beautifully simple proposal that your partner will adore.

Planning your beautifully simple proposal

Although you might have decided a simple proposal is the way forward, this doesn’t mean you won’t put a lot of thought and effort into it. You’ll want to think about the setting and any simple props you might want to use (see more below on that). As you’re taking away any excess, you’ll also want to make sure your proposal is authentic and relevant to your relationship, so the sentiment really shines through.

Decide when you might want to propose, as picking a week day for your proposal rather than a weekend can also help to craft a simple proposal. For Zoe Wright from Sydney, her midweek proposal from husband Patrick was beautifully simple and just what she wanted. “We went out for dinner at a restaurant by the beach, and then he gently pushed the ring across the table and asked… I just loved it.”

Simple proposals using props

A simple proposal can be beautifully enhanced with some props. A balloon, for example, can be a really simple but effective way to propose. You can get some lovely proposal balloons, such as this one from Ginger Ray – imagine your partner’s face when they walk into a room to see this, or open a box to have it bob out and surprise them!

Writing a proposal letter is a wonderfully heartfelt and simple way to get your message across. Since the art of putting pen to paper is so much rarer these days, your partner is sure to appreciate the effort. You can practise your handwriting and write it yourself for the ultimate personal touch, or you could hire a professional calligrapher to make sure your words look as beautiful as they sound!

Another lovely and simple proposal prop is some form of lights, either something like an LED sign that asks the question, or using soft and romantic candles to spell it out. Or if your partner is a real chocoholic, why not enhance your simple proposal with some delicious personalised chocolate? We love this delightful personalised chocolate proposal from Cocoapod – simple but oh-so sweet!

Picking the right location for a simple proposal

So now you’ve decided how and when you want to craft your simple proposal, the final piece of the puzzle is to decide where.

When it comes to a simple proposal, the great outdoors provides so many opportunities, such as Leigh Caller’s proposal to girlfriend Melissa Duckhouse during a muddy dog walk. “I was wearing wellies!” laughs Melissa. “But it was perfect for us.” Similarly for Louise McCarney, a walk was the perfect setting for a joint proposal with her partner. “Rory and I proposed to each other while walking in the Peak District,” Louise explains. “We’d picked rings for each other in secret and proposed to each other at the same time.”

Another fantastic way to set the scene for a simple proposal is to spend the day together doing everything that you love as a couple, whether this is going for a walk, having a picnic, enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine, visiting your favourite museum or going on a bike ride. After a lovely day packed full of your favourite activities, pop the question over dinner. You’ll have connected emotionally during your time together, and it will truly make the day one of the best ever!

If your partner is a night owl or loves the romance of a night sky, then proposing under the stars can really light up a simple proposal. For the best effect, choose somewhere where you’ll get a beautiful view, either an urban location such as a rooftop, or a more rural setting such as a beach. And if getting outside isn’t an option, why not bring the night sky indoors with some glow-in-the-dark stickers or lights? Set up a night scene in your living room or bedroom and you’ve got the setting for a truly luminous proposal!

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