9 Funny Proposal Ideas for Couples Who Know Laughter Is The Key


There are so many ways you can propose to your partner, and the fact that you’re here suggests you’re looking for something a bit more creative than the usual run-of-the-mill ideas. But you also want to make sure your proposal plans feel like a good fit, and like they suit you both as people and as a couple. So if you’re a couple who like to laugh together – a lot – then funny proposal ideas will be what you’re looking for!

Perfect for couples whose secret to success is “find someone who makes you laugh”, here’s a collection of our favourite funny proposal ideas:

Proposals involving wordplay and puns

Including witty word play or puns that can’t help but make you smile are perfect funny proposal ideas. So often, the tongue-in-cheek wording is left for bridesmaids proposals or groomsmen requests – but why shouldn’t your actual partner get the benefits of just how hilarious you are, too?

This works particularly well when doubled up with a gift: for example, if you and your partner both love baseball, you could put a ring inside a baseball, and accompany it with a note saying “When we’re together, we have a ball – please will you marry me?”

Alternatively, maybe wine forms a big part of your relationship; why not gift them a bottle of expensive wine, with a tag reading “As if we need another excuse to day drink…will you marry me?”

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to start off with, but you can of course make the pun totally your own.

Funny proposal ideas involving pizza

Though this is related to the point above, we think it deserves its own section too: proposing using pizza. Pizza and pyjamas might be more your jam than expensive meals and black tie, and if this is the case then takeaway pizza could be the perfect way to propose. If you want to add an element of humour to the idea, get the pizza company to write “Marry me…if this isn’t too cheesy a way to ask!” on the lid of the pizza box.

Proposing to an adrenaline junkie

Does your partner love the thrill of a rollercoaster? If so, then why not incorporate that into your proposal? Take some card(s) reading “Will you marry me?” for you (and some friends, if you want to rope them in too) to hold up when you’re at the point on the ride where they take a photo. Make sure your partner is sat at the front of the carriage, so they don’t suspect a thing when you hold the cards up, spelling out your question. In fact, they won’t suspect a thing right until they check the photo at the end of the ride, by which point you can be down on one knee ready! (Our top tip for this? Pick a dry ride, so the paper doesn’t get wet and the ink doesn’t run…)

Proposing right in front of them, without them noticing

The next in our list of funny proposal ideas is a plan that takes a bit longer to execute, but is totally worth it. Hold up a card or piece of paper reading “Will you marry me?” in selfies with and photos of your partner, without them having any idea (for example, when their back is turned, or when it’s safely hidden from their view by your phone in your hand.) Then, when it comes to finally popping the question, you can show them the gallery of times you’ve technically already asked, and wonder what took them so long…

Funny proposal ideas in unusual settings

And by this, we don’t mean a physical, geographical location, but a domain that’s unexpected: perhaps to do with your job. For example, if you’re a scholar or an author, you could include your marriage proposal in the references of your paper or the acknowledgements of a book. Then, when it’s published, you can casually ask your partner to check out the page where it features.

Or, perhaps you’re an avid runner. If you use a running app to track your routes, devise a route near you that spells out ‘Marry me?’, run it, then screenshot your heatmap and show it to your partner!

Powerpoint presentation proposal

Of course, all of these funny proposal ideas are funny not because they’re embarrassing, but because they’re endearing. With that in mind, there’s something simultaneously hilarious and heartwarmingly cute about a jokey powerpoint asking your partner to take your hand. If you’re used to spreadsheets, pie charts and keynote speeches at work, bringing those slides home to present to your partner could be an ideal way to get them to say yes.

Flipbook proposals

Or alternatively if you’ve got a creative streak, why not turn to cartooning your proposal? Flipbooks – where a story is depicted by a series of pictures, that ‘move’ as you flip through the pages really quickly – are a cute, quirky way to propose to your partner. Plus, the book itself will make a lovely keepsake to have forever.

Funny proposal ideas for fandoms

Maybe cartoons aren’t your bag, but science fiction has your partner’s heart. If this is the case, incorporating their fandom into your proposal is the ultimate way of showing them that not only do you love them, but them loving what they love too! Some fandoms or universes will have readymade elements that are perfect to incorporate: for example, swapping out a ringbox for a Pokéball makes a perfect Pokémon themed proposal, or presenting the ring in a Tardis for a diehard Whovian. But if you’d like to go for a slightly more subtle, but no less funny, nod to something, then why not include a meme inside the ring box? Captain Jean-Luc Picard saying “engage”, for example, or Yoda’s “Do or do not, there is no try” are easy ways of adding elements of humour and personality to your proposal. 

Funny proposal ideas including jokes

And what list of funny proposal ideas would be complete without a funny proposal joke, too? Here’s our favourite!:

You: Knock knock

Them: Who’s there?

You: Marry

Them: Marry who

You: Me, please?

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