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10 Ideas For The Perfect Boat Proposal: How to Propose To Your Partner On The Water


If you’re planning to pop the question to your partner and are looking for a fun, fresh, and extravagant way to do it, then look no further than a boat proposal.

Proposing on a boat is a surefire way to make the moment extra special. Of course, the moment you get engaged will always be memorable, but a boat proposal makes it magical! Whether your partner is an avid sailor or just loves the open water, here are 10 boat proposal ideas that will not only rock their boat, but rock their world too…

Boat proposal ideas

1.   Propose on a private yacht

If you’re looking to bring the luxury with your boat proposal, chartering a private yacht would be beyond perfect (that is, if you haven’t already got one lying about…) In true James Bond style, kick back and relax with bubbles and delicious food as your captain does all the hard work. You get to see all the breathtaking scenery without even lifting a finger…you might just have to get down on one knee!

2.   Sunset boat ride

There’s no time more romantic than sunset: when nature takes the phrase rose-tinted glasses and makes it real. Why not specially time your boat trip to coincide with a glorious sunset? That way, your boat proposal will be more special than ever. Think of the backdrop of those ring selfies you’ll take for Instagram!

3.   Propose on a gondola

Our third boat proposal idea is pretty specific to a few places in the world, but it’s totally worth it. Gondolas are traditional Venetian boats that occupy the canals there, and they have become synonymous with romance and amore. Venice is a beautifully romantic city anyway, with incredible architecture and artwork; treating your paramour to a special gondola through its waterways will be the cherry on top of the cake. Add in an engagement, and it’ll be truly unforgettable!

4.   A punting proposal

Another idea for a boat proposal is to do so whilst punting. Punting is traditionally found in places in England such as Cambridge and Oxford, where residents will take you along the river Cam or Cherwell. Similarly to Venice, these old cities are full of history, with the rivers running past stunning buildings, quaint cobbled side streets and verdant spaces as far as the eye can see. Plus, in the summer especially, they can get quite busy – which makes it all the nicer when your partner says yes, and everyone can cheer you on in celebration!

5.   A canoe proposal

 So far, all of our boat proposal ideas have involved someone else doing the steering, which you might find preferable if you feel you may be nervous in the leadup to asking the question. However, if you’d rather the moment was just the two of you, you could organize a romantic date involving a canoe or rowboat down a picturesque river. After you’ve asked for their hand in marriage – and, of course, after they’ve said yes! – you could even plan a picnic on the banks!

6.   Propose near a bridge

If you’re planning to propose in a boat with just the two of you, you’d be hard pressed to stow a photographer away waiting to surprise you (more likely, they’d capsize you.) However, if you want photos of your wedding day, a great idea is to plan to propose somewhere near a bridge. Generally, they make beautiful stopping points anyway, framing the stunning scenery and really bringing it into perspective. But, even better, they’re an excellent place for a photographer to wait, so that they can get photos of the big moment.

7.   Sailing boat proposal

Alternatively, you may not be steering your boat on a river: you might be out in the open water. There’s something super idyllic and romantic about sailing, which makes it a perfect time to ask the question. You could even make a joke about them being the captain of your heart…

8.   Kayaking proposal

If you’re looking less for extravagance and more for exhilaration, then why not plan a boat proposal whilst kayaking? If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies and love adventuring and trying new things, then it could be perfect to ask them whilst you’re out on the water together. Just make sure you can keep the ring safe in your wetsuit – and don’t drop it whilst you’re leaning over to kiss and hug in celebration, either!

9.   Animal-watching boat trip

The ocean and sea are whole different worlds to land, and so many beautiful creatures dwell there that we may never get the chance to see otherwise. With this in mind, why not book onto a boat trip designed specifically to get closer to some animals like dolphins or whales? You could point your partner in the direction of the distance, insisting you saw one and then, whilst they’re distracted, get the ring out and get down on one knee behind them…

10.   Snorkeling proposal

Ok, so technically snorkeling isn’t done on a boat, but we’re including it in our list of top boat proposal ideas as you have to get on a boat to get there, and it’s too good to miss off! This one is best kept for the seasoned snorkelers, so if you have fond memories of underwater trips with your partner in the past, why not keep that going?

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